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    rate these boy names

    Porter, Parker, Mercer, and Wilder

    Not sure I am daring enough to use Wilder as a first name but I love it and it honors family.

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    I like Mercer, and I've always kind of liked Parker. I see some appeal in Wilder, but it's overall a little...wilder than would be my style. I don't like Porter at all - it's too closely associated with bellhops and doormen. On a 1 to 10 scale, I'd give the following: Mercer 8, Parker 7, Wilder 7, and Porter 2.
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    Not really my style of names, but this is the order I like them in

    1. Parker
    2. Wilder
    3. Mercer
    4. Porter

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    Honestly, I'd put Wilder first because at least Wil would be an option as a nickname. I don't like any of the others really. Mercer is okay, but it's soooo much a surname to me that it's like naming a kid Smith. Porter and Parker feel like half-surnames half-servants---"go park my car and bring in my bags while you're at it!"
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    1 Mercer - the more unusual choice
    2 Porter - sounds distinguished
    3 Wilder - better in the middle spot

    I dislike Parker (park her?). It's one of my least favourite occupational names.
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