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    I looked it up and it is #12
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    I know 3 Ella's in the under 4 set. It feels even more common due to all of the Ellie's, Eleanor's, and Elizabeth's, but it is still a beautiful name!

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    a) Strong enough to stand alone: yes it is more than strong enough to stand on it's own

    b) too popular: for my liking yes, but to each his own.

    c) too cutesy: no it isn't.

    If you want a less popular option maybe try Elsa?
    But from your tastes of Campbell... maybe you might wanna try Bellamy or even Elspeth (a variant of Elisabeth)

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    If you really like Ella you could use a name that has 'Ella' in it, like Elladora, Antonella, Corella, Mariella, etc...

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