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Thread: Twin names?

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    Red face Twin names?

    The other day I was thinking about Bible names. So many of my favorites are overused (David, Daniel, Mark), but there are some really cool, underused ones. Right now I'm really liking these two!
    "Drum roll please!" *bududududududududududu*

    Jabez and Boaz!

    The Z endings make them super cool, and they go together without being too "matchy". They're both great people in the Bible too (See 1 Chronicles 4:9-10, and the book of Ruth)!

    And think of the nicknames! If you live in the South, you could totally call them Jeb and Bo =) Can you think of any other NNs?

    Do you think they're too "weird"? Theoretically, almost every name is usable compared to the celebrity names, but for a real person growing up with these names, would they seem TOO out of the ordinary?

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    I don't like children to have the same ending if possible and that's especially true for twins. Twins are often thought of as a UNIT rather than two separate INDIVIDUALS so naming twins isn't any different from naming siblings (eg. unique names that are complementary). Jabez and Boaz are two of the more unusual Biblical names but I wouldn't personally use them together. Jeb and Bo are cute nn's.
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    They're nms but I can see them working. Other nn's could be (Jabez) Jaz, Jay, Jabz, Jez, Jabi, Bezi.... (Boaz) Bo, Boss, Baz.

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