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    i like them both but Hazel has been becoming rather popular lately, if that matters to you. my mother was super vocal the first time around, so i kind of didn't ask for her opinion this time. she'll know once it's final and by then she can't "hate it" because... it's final. i know you said her opinion is important, but honestly once she holds that little girl the first time it won't really matter. she'll love her no matter what.

    and i love both names

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    I personally prefer Acadia. I love how it sounds, I love how it looks, it's so bright and charming and rolls off my tongue so nicely. It's unusual but familiar (to me), and it sounds like a song.
    It's just gorgeous, and I can see Acadia as a bright-eyed little girl with rosy cheeks and hair that sticks up, or Acadia the adventurous kid who reads books in trees, or Acadia the elegant young lady with kindness and passion, or Acadia the mother with kids of her own, or Acadia the wise old gran with a twinkle in her eye.

    Hazel's growing on me. Slowly. I do love how Acadia Hazel sounds.

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    I personally prefer Acadia too, I think. I love Hazel as well, but in all honesty I just find Acadia prettier and more interesting. But if Hazel is absolutely the one for you, go for it! I wouldn't worry too much about your mom - it's your child, not hers, and it's truthfully none of her business. Both Hazel and Acadia are lovely choices, and I'd attempt to ignore her objections as much as possible.

    Hazel Acadia sounds better than Acadia Hazel to me, but I think they work nicely together, so you don't have to get either one up.

    Anyways, whichever you choose, like I said, they're both very pretty. So you're good either way.

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    I prefer Acadia - to me it feels like it has more substance, and a beautiful classy sound. I've never met someone named Acadia, and that is always special.
    But at the end of the day, they are both pretty and there is a good chance your mum will grow to love either as your daughter makes the name her own.

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    I much prefer Hazel. It's a lovely name. Acadia is really "meh" to me. I don't like it, and it kind of makes me think "arcade." I like Acacia more than Acadia.

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