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    Love John Oliver! Vincent is also great.

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    I'm not really a fan of Nicholas with Nolan... much too close! John is a great name, but perhaps because I wrote my thesis on human trafficking, I can't get past negative connotations with the name. I think of 1) a toilet, and 2) a man who buys a pr****tute. However, I'll never say this is a bad name... just one that has also gained some unfavourable meanings (which I have a hard time looking past). Vincent is a fine name, but just doesn't do it for me. Paul is actually my favourite from your list. I think it not only fits in well with your other boys, but has a simple, masculine sound. The funny thing about Paul (which is the same with John), is that as "common" as we say these names are, they really aren't so much anymore... I only know 3 Pauls my age (one of whom is French), and none of my friends have named their sons Paul (I do know 2 little Johns). So I actually also love it for its classic uniqueness...

    Edit: Just realized your boys would be Nolan, Adam, Luke, and John. I might reconsider John, or else make a habit of listing them in a different order... otherwise, it sounds like you're listing the books of the Bible.
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    Well, I'll vote for Paul! My oldest son is Paul and it's my all time favorite boys' name (don't tell his younger brothers). For me, Paul is both friendly and strong. There are lots of great namesakes. Personally I'd avoid Vincent if your last name begins with a "V". Nicholas and John are both very nice as well.
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    John Oliver is great

    & BTW Saul is a bad guy in the Bible...

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    Adam and Luke

    Nolan and Craig
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