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    I have been really liking the name John lately. John Oliver is great. Oliver is one of my favorite names. I think John is a classic name. I don't find it boring but I'm using Thomas for my son due in Feb and some would see that as boring too.

    I like Nicholas and Vincent too. I don't like Paul as a first name but it's ok as a middle name.

    I like these combos:

    John Oliver
    Vincent John
    John Vincent
    John Paul
    Nicholas Oliver


    Ross (I like the nn Rossi)

    Out of all of these, I think John, Reed, Davis, and Aaron go very well with Nolan, Adam, and Luke.

    My List:
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    I really can relate with boys names & difficult surname... it has been hard enough naming our 3rd son let alone 4th eek .... I really like John, I haven't met a baby John & feel it's very versatile. Cute nn Johnny. Paul I do find a little boring sorry. I love Vincent & Vincent.... Van der... Would sound great imo. I quite like alliteration with the right names. Another fave of mine is Peter, love this name (but I cant use it with our surname) .

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    I love John Oliver. I think your other picks are great too-- I love the name Nicolas and think Vincent would be lovely with Van der ... I'd definitely say the names are classic rather than boring. John is great and unlikely to ever go out of style.

    I immediately thought of John Oliver of the Daily Show too, but I think he's brilliant... also, it's unlikely that anyone is going to make that connection when his name is said in full (especially a few years from now or when your son is grown), so I wouldn't worry about it.

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    John Oliver is the name of a British comedian/actor from the show Community and The Daily Show. But I don't know whether he'll stay in the public consciousness. He's not that famous even now. I like John Oliver the best out of these names. I think Oliver is a bit more interesting. Do you like Oliver John?
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    Just a thought if you like Paul, have you considered the more unusual Saul? It's my nephews name or else it would be on my shortlist! I find it different and refreshing but easy to pronounce. It's a biblical name so not a new made up name either

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