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    Name those babies G1-R2

    Joseph Hayden Evans & Daisy Alanis Sage Evans are pregnant once again.. Little Judson is only 7 months.. It was a bit of a surprise for the parents.. Its a little girl this time. They would like a first name that Begins with a D that is pretty and and a middle name is to be a short name Like brother Judsons middle.
    DS: Judson Rhys [Shanade213]

    Family #2-
    Jesse Noah Lawrence married Zoey Cecilia Watson, are expecting again its another little girl. They would like a short sharp first name with a unisex middle that leans more to the female side of unisex.
    DD: Ella Riley [Meganlee2012]

    Avalon Rylea & Nate Lawrence and they are expecting a little boy this time, they want an unused and rare unusual name like Xanthe's. With a nature middle name.
    DD: Xanthe Linea [Waverly1234]

    Madeline Etta & Spencer Larkin Woods, Are pregnant again.. This time they had the shock of finding out they are due with twins. 1 boy and 1 girl. They want a name that is a hyphened, a middle name can be your choice.
    DSD: Lola-Belle Woods -7
    DSS: Harley-Jai Woods -5
    DD: Lily-Mae [Logicpuzzler]

    Crosby Taylor Marshal-Dawson & Esme Lilia Britney, are due witha little girl any time soon.. the twins are now 3 and they want a name that is either /4 letters and a nice classic or historic middle name
    DD/DS: Ruby Elizabeth & Milo George [Shanade213]

    Riley Anders Sampson & his wife Aria-Mae *Ria* are expecting a little girl they want their sons name to be as unusual as their names, The loved their son lucas name so much that they wanted to have the chance to name another child with such an adorable name. Luca now 5 says he would like his little sister to have a middle name beginning with A, as that is what his name ends in.

    DS: Luca Riley [Kate_Elaine]

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