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    maybe also


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    Annabel Lee lives by the sea. Really, though. Annabel could work.

    Also: Abigail, Henrietta, Inez, Louisa, Mariana, Samantha, Maida (now out of use, but there was an old children's series about a little girl named Maida -- one book was called "Maida's Little Island.")

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    @sodallas3: Guess what! We have a Jersey names blog coming up soon, including those seaside towns!

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    Cora, Cordelia, or Coral all have a nice beach, vintage feel.

    Della, Delphine, Defina are some more options. I personally think Della is very under rated. It has all the spunk of a Bella, Ella or Stella, has all the vintage charm, but doesn't seem to be a favorite. I also like the nick name Delphi for Delphine or Delphina.

    Zyphyrine- Sounds like a modern invention but was a French princess back in the 1700s.

    I actually love Myrtle, with nn Millie.But now I will forever think of Moaning Myrtle from the Harry Potter series.

    Ronan is a mostly used as a boys name but I think could be unisex.

    Cecily also has a nice a warm, coastal feel to it. I think more then Cecilia.

    Good Luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by linda View Post
    @sodallas3: Guess what! We have a Jersey names blog coming up soon, including those seaside towns!
    That's terrific, Linda! I am so looking forward to that, thanks for letting me know
    Thanks Berries! Great suggestions, feel free to keep them coming.
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