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    Still working on our lists... curse our last name :)

    A while back, I thought I had it all worked out... but when I wrote out the favorites (including some of the names in my sig) with our surname, they just looked ridiculous. Way too long and elaborate. I love fanciful names, but I don't think our last name is elegant enough to carry them off!

    I seem to have a thing for three syllable names though, especially for girls... so I've done my best to whittle them down and work out full combos.

    Think of Weatherman as our last name (ours is also W and long).


    Rowena Claire (or Rowenna? - I want it pronounced Rowenna, with Winnie as possible nn, but I kind of prefer the Rowena spelling. Advice appreciated!)
    Amabel Jane
    Marian Lily

    Guilty pleasure- Juniper Noemie


    Theodore James
    Cedric Emil
    Liam Kennelly

    Guilty pleasure- Jude Peregrine

    Which is your favorite from each list?
    Do you like the boy GP or girl GP better? Obviously we could not use both, since they are so similar.

    If you could add one suggestion for each gender (FN + MN combo ideally), that would be wonderful! Thank you.
    Married to my best friend since 6-30-11 ♥ Mama to two herding dogs, a wooly rabbit & a purring machine

    Current favorite combos for the women-to-be: Rowena Claire (Winnie) | Amabel Jane | Lilias Eve | Helene Iona (Lena)

    And the little men: Theodore James (Teddy) | Cedric Muir | Jude Peregrine | Henry Alcott

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    I love all the thought you are putting into your names! Each time I'm pregnant I make a list with the full name, nickname with the last name, initial and then all siblings names together. I have a long last name too but did give all my kids 3 syllable names (but shorter nicknames). From your list I like Rowena (prefer that spelling too) and like Winnie. But it will be match-y with your last name starting with a W. I'm not a super big fan of alliteration but some love the sound. I also like Marian. And Theodore is the name of one of my sons so I'm biased on that name. I'm liking Cedric the more I'm thinking about it. I also saw your Silas name in your signature and like that one too. I know some Jude's and don't love the name as people have a tendency to call them "Judy" by accident. But I love Peregrine. I know a lot of Liam's too. Which is both a positive and negative. The good news is a lot of people will like the name. for your girl GP, would you call her June? If so, I love it! My only suggestion one that is to maybe consider a simpler middle name.

    For boys - Walter, Vincent, Declan, Graham, Milo, Boaz

    For girls - Jubilee, Bronwen, Mabel, Gemma, Noelle, Cora, Pauline

    sorry I can't help myself from suggesting more than one . Good luck and congrats!!
    Mom to... Augustine Mark "Augie", India Marie "Indie", Theodore Odell "Teddy" and Philippa Lee "Pippa"

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    Out of yours, I love Juniper and Amabel the best for girls, and Theodore and Jude the best for boys. Other 3-syllable not-too-lengthy names are:
    Eliza Frances "Weatherman"
    Matilda Blythe "Weatherman"
    Juliet Sage "Weatherman"

    Felix David "Weatherman"
    Hugo Camden "Weatherman"
    Best of luck!

    twenty-two | law student

    * Beatrix * Nell * Penelope * Felicity * Margo *

    * Theodore * Hugo * Edmund * Felix * Oscar *

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    elo: Thanks! Your process sounds very similar to mine. And your children's names are wonderful, so it must be a smart strategy.

    I'm finding that I have a thing for subtle alliteration-- no initial repeating sounds (Wolfgang Weatherman is out), but I like finding similar sounds in different spots of each name. Rowena Weatherman fits that bill for me. Interestingly, when I googled the name Rowena, many of the historic instances had W surnames... so I guess I'm not alone in liking the combo. I agree Winnie Weatherman is too much, but a) I don't know how often it'd be said with the surname; I kind of picture it as her girlhood nn, shifting to Ro when she's older; and b) I looove the nn Winnie, and this is a way to get it without a W-beginning.

    I'm really falling for Juniper, the more I think and learn about it. I was considering Juniper Niamh this morning... then if we had two daughters, a Rowena Claire and a Juniper Niamh, they'd have MNs with subtle shared meanings. (Actually those seem like fantastic twin names to me, but I doubt we'd be so lucky!) I'm not sure what I'd use as nickname. There's an unfortunate family connection with June, though I do love it. Maybe Junie or Juno.

    Popular boy names don't really bother me too much, mainly because I don't think they bother little boys, haha. Liam was the first boy name I ever liked - way before it was popular here - and the meaning is special to me. I'd use William nn Liam, if not for our surname. But as it is, I think I'm happy with Liam.

    I really like some of your suggestions- have considered Milo, Vincent, Declan (too foreign for hubby though). I love Jubilee but was kind of turned off by the Duggar connection. :/ Noelle is one of my favorite middles, and I think it's gorgeous with Juniper. Perfect for a Christmas baby!

    @jem: Thanks! My favorite of your girl suggestions is Juliet Sage, so pretty. I also like Hugo Camden-- the meaning "heart" is lovely. Felix is kind of NMS though; it feels more pet name-y to me.

    So now the list is looking like this:

    1. Rowena Claire
    2. Juniper Niamh
    3. Amabel Jane
    4. Marian Lily


    1. Theodore James
    2. Liam Kennelly
    3. Cedric Muir -- I decided I wasn't sure about Emil, and I was not loving the meaning. Muir could mean "moor" or be Scottish for "sea", and it's also a way of honoring John Muir, a naturalist that I adore. (I love nature and nature names, but somehow the more obvious choices never feel right... again, I think that's because our last name is so very prosaic!)
    4. Noah Peregrine -- Noah is very popular, like Liam, but it's another that I've loved for ages. The meaning here is kind of intriguing, too. Noah = rest or comfort; Peregrine = traveler. Almost tells a story, doesn't it?

    What do you think?
    Married to my best friend since 6-30-11 ♥ Mama to two herding dogs, a wooly rabbit & a purring machine

    Current favorite combos for the women-to-be: Rowena Claire (Winnie) | Amabel Jane | Lilias Eve | Helene Iona (Lena)

    And the little men: Theodore James (Teddy) | Cedric Muir | Jude Peregrine | Henry Alcott

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    I love Rowena Weatherman! I say Row-enn-a (and have never actually heard it said differently), and I've also never seen it spelled anything other than Rowena. Rowena Claire's lovely, and I like Rowena Clare even better.

    I think Rowena, Amabel, and Marian make excellent sisters. All the first/middle combinations are lovely.
    Juniper doesn't seem to fit the oldfashioned, almost storybook magic of the other three. It's so modern and botanical.

    I think Jude, though, fits just beautifully with the girls' names. I like Jude Pascal even more than Jude Peregrine, though both are splendid.
    Theodore James goes beautifully, and Cedric Muir is perfect. I like Liam with the set but Kennelly doesn't seem to fit as well, unless it's a family name.

    My suggestions would probably be...Frederick Malcolm and Iris Hélène.

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