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    My favs of your latest list are...

    Rowena Claire - I love it, just be prepared to pronounce it. I'm one of those people who would assume Row-Ee-Na. But I like the other pronunciation (yours) better. Also, Winnie wouldn't need any explaining!
    And I love Ro too. I'm a sucker for a name that has multiple nickname possibilities. We thought our our oldest might decide to go by Gus someday (or even August or Augustine) but so far he still prefers Augie. Our older daughter goes by both Indie and India. She also randomly called Boo sometimes too. Our younger son is sometimes called Bear and might decide to go by Theo someday. And Pippa? She's called Pippi and Pips too. I also heard about a Philippa that went by "Flip." So my (long drawn out) point is... We don't know our kids personalities at birth. I like giving them (and us) as many possibilities as possible.

    Juniper Niamh - Bummer about the negative June reference. But Juno or Junie are cute too.

    Cedric Muir - although I like your other boys names (Theodore duh!), I feel this one best fits with your girl names and it's good to have continuity in sibsets in my opinion. I also love the Scottish moor/John Muir reference. I always think it is great to have a special meaning in at least one name (whether it is a family name, place that is special to you or the name's meaning). All my kids middle names are family names and although there were other names I loved and could have used, I'm very happy I did it.

    Again, best of luck!
    Mom to... Augustine Mark "Augie", India Marie "Indie", Theodore Odell "Teddy" and Philippa Lee "Pippa"

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    @ brigid16: thank you so much! I like both of your suggestions, but Iris Helene is just lovely, and I've added it to our list.

    May I ask why you prefer Clare to Claire? I did too at first, but someone here said that Clare was dated and "90's", and somehow that changed how I felt about the spelling.

    "Juniper doesn't seem to fit the oldfashioned, almost storybook magic of the other three. It's so modern and botanical."

    This brought a huge smile to my face, since old-fashioned storybook magic is *exactly* what I am going for. I see your point about Juniper; that's part of why it was a guilty pleasure for a long time. I did some reading, though, and I found it's been used as a given name since at least the 13th century... for boys.

    One of the followers of St. Francis of Assisi (patron of animals, very dear to me) was called Juniper. Brother Juniper himself is sometimes referred to as the patron saint of comedy. It also ties the name as a whole even more neatly to Rowena Claire (or Clare) because St. Clare was the main female follower of St. Francis.

    I still get what you're saying, though-- even with all that history, it *feels* modern. On the other hand, I'd never heard of Amabel before this site. At first glance, I'd imagine some people would think that (or even Rowena) was a trendy, made-up name. I guess what I'm saying is that I can't obsess about impressions too much, especially when other people will mainly only hear the nicknames together (Winnie and Juno/June/Piper).


    @elo: Thanks so much! Your favorites are my favorites too. Theodore James remains a very strong contender for our first boy, though, because James is after my husband (and he loves the nn Teddy). The etymological meaning of James is not exciting ('usurper'), but to me James means: best friend, laughter in the hardest of times, love you can count on for a lifetime and longer.

    I totally agree about multiple nn possibilities, especially for girls. I don't know what it's like to be a man, but sometimes I think that women as a whole are a bit more mercurial. We often go through such different phases as we transition from playful tomboy to grown-up lady (or whatever path it takes). It's nice to have nn possibilities that reflect those changes. I was Boo as a baby; Angela as a young, fairly shy child. Now, as a friendly and much more cheerful adult, I love being an approachable Angie. It's important to me that my girls have similar choices.

    ALL of your nicknames are adorable, by the way. I love Pippa the best. I've heard Piper offered as a nn for Juniper... maybe it could stretch all the way to Pippa? Not very logical, I guess, but it's just so cute.


    Edit: Oh, and Kennelly is also an honor name, after my brother Kenneth (who goes by Ken). I like Kennelly's etymological meaning better - descendant of wolves - but not sure I'm 100% sold on that one either. I also like Liam Kenzie, but that feels very modern and very girly in the US at the moment. Liam Conan could be fun... Liam Henry? That's a little plain for my taste, but handsome. I called my brother "my Henny" as a baby before I could pronounce the K.

    Sorry I write such novels! Out this week with an injury, so I have some time on my hands.
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