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    Emi's Name The Babies G#3 R3

    Family #1
    Johanna Nicole and Emmett Andre Havelin don't want any more kids right now, but want Marin and Luca to have a pet each. Marin chooses to get a dog (what kind and gender?) and Luca gets a turtle (gender?). Name them!

    LN: Havelin
    DH: Emmett Andre Havelin (28)
    DW: Johanna Nicole Havelin (28)

    DD: Marin Elizabeth Havelin (5) (lifesaboutmusic)
    DS: Luca Daniel Havelin (3) (oboeplayer1)

    Family #2
    Michaela Devin and Alexander John Campbell wait until Lydia is 3 when SURPRISE! Michaela is pregnant with twin boys! They should have biblical names that start with the same letter as first names, and middle names that are within the US top 50.

    LN: Campbell
    DH: Alexander John Campbell (39) "Alex"
    DW: Michaela Devin Campbell (37)

    DD: Abigail Claire Campbell (7) (oboeplayer1)
    DD: Lydia Madison Campbell (3) (drvc)

    Family #3
    Just 3 years later, Brett and Diana are very busy with two sets of twins, so they decide to take a break from having kids. when Lyric and River are 5 they decide to foster a litter of puppies, four to be exact! Each child takes care of a puppy and they each name their puppies. Turner wants his little boy pup to be named after a superhero. Bishop's little girl pup should have a unisex name. Lyric's baby girl puppy should have a flower or princess name, and finally River's boy pup should have a word name like Turner, Bishop, Lyric, and River!

    LN: James
    DH: Brett Peter James (39)
    DW: Diana Lynn James (41)

    DS/DS: Turner Brave James and Bishop Noble James (8) (lifesaboutmusic)
    DD/DS: Lyric Cerise James and River Justice James (5) (drvc)

    Family #4
    Valentina Isla Marquez and Jared Wesley O'Donnell have only been enjoying little Lumber for a year when they are expecting again! This time its a baby girl! BUT Uh oh! The doctor missed a heartbeat and at the 24 week appt. they find out its twins! Both are girls! They need to have very crazy first names. One should have one Irish middle, and a name from an old movie, and the other twin should have one Hispanic middle and the other should also be from an old movie.

    LN: O'Donnell
    DH: Jared Wesley O'Donnell (42)
    DW: Valentina Isla Marquez (38)

    DD: Halo Mackenzie Marta O'Donnell (6) (shanade213)
    DS: Lumber Aidan Jack O'Donnell (1) (oboeplayer1)

    Family #5
    Lucy Evelyn and George Thomas Nichols are from the UK. When Oliver is 3, they find out that Lucy is having a girl finally! She, like her older brothers should have an old-fashioned name or one from the UK top 100, or both!

    LN: Nichols
    DH: George Thomas Nichols (35)
    DW: Lucy Evelyn Nichols (33)

    DS: Calum Rupert Nichols (4) (dancer402)
    DS: Oliver Alfred Nichols (3) (nicodiangeloO

    Family #6
    Emma June and Sarah Maryann Clark-Smith have decided to give IVF a try, and find out they are going to have G/B/B triplets! All they want is their names to fit in with Declan, Ottie, and Jemma! BUT their initials must go in alphabetical order (AB, CD, EF or NO, PQ, RS, etc!)

    LN: Clark-Smith
    DW: Sarah Maryann Clark-Smith (37)
    DW: Emma June Clark-Smith (33)

    DS: Declan Bandit Clark (10)
    DAD: Ottilie June Clark-Smith (6) (nicodiangelo)
    DAD: Jemma Caroline Clark-Smith (4) (nicodiangelo)

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