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    Technically, all of these names are unisex. If you didn't have this thread in the "Girl Baby Names" forum, I wouldn't have known for sure that it was a combo for a female since you haven't stated the gender in your original post. It's a little too unisex for my comfort level. It's quite genderless which isn't my cup of tea. You seem to be getting positive reactions so I seem to be of the minority opinion here.
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    Spring: thanks for the input!
    Mischa:I see your point, but I hadn't thought Blythe was unisex.its something to consider, anyway. I really can't picture Waverly on a boy, and have only heard of it on girls, so I hope others think the same thing.

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    I actually think it is a feminine name. I couldn't see Waverly on a boy either.
    I think I am a Waverly convert, I quite like this name

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    I have a really hard time with Waverly on a girl. The only Waverly I know is 6'4" and has a beard.

    Win from Waverly Indigo isn't too much of a stretch, but Wynne is. I like Indie. The entire name itself is rather androgynous, and it's a strange mix of styles even if it does technically have good flow.
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    1. Potential nicknames Wynne or Indie. Too much of a stretch? I love Indie and Wynne. I also like the suggestion of Wave or Wavie. Cute!
    2. Does it sound beachy/ocean-y? It does I think. It has that cool, beachy, hippie vibe.
    3. Too "out there"? I normally don't worry about this, but all thre names are less than common. The names are uncommon but familiar. All really lovely names.
    4. Flow okay? I think it flows really beautifully actually. The 3-3-1 set up is nice.
    Waverly Indigo Blythe is a beautiful name

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