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    We have 4 kids with December birthdays (our 4 youngest) - While they are still too young to weigh in on how they feel about having birthdays in December ... I can say for our family, it does not matter. Our family doesn't place alot of importance on elaborate birthday celebrations though. We definitely acknowledge them and have a party, but honestly, I would be upset if one of my girls told me she was made about not having people recognize her birthday just because it happened to fall near another major holiday. I don't know if that came across too harshly or b-itchy or what, but it's how I feel. Birthdays are what you make of it and if your family lumps it in with Christmas and you grow to resent it -- or if your family teaches you that birthdays are ultra important and you are to get alot of stuff (parties, presents, etc.) for your birthday then I could see where you'd feel jipped... especially if you had close friends or siblings with non-December birthdays and they got all those things and you didn't!

    On the other hand, if you have a child with a December birthday and you a little sensitive to the fact that things ARE going to get lumped together with other holidays or you might not have time to plan a big party-- you can work around that. For example, you can make your own traditions of birthday gift giving or a special birthday dinner that goes "against" the holidays -- plan something summery or non-christmasy for the evening....make sure you don't wrap presents in green and red, etc. Avoid putting up the christmas tree until the day after the birthday (or hey...even the day OF the birthday.. it could be a tradition.) Also, you could have a 1/2 birthday party for your child in the summer where they could do those summery birthday party ideas if you wanted. Probably tacky to ask your guests to bring gifts to that party, but who cares right? An opportunity to each your child to appreciate people/companionship more than gifts. Just a few ideas.
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    One of my best friends growing up was born on the 24th of December, which is the day Christmas is celebrated in Norway (where she's from). They celebrated her birthday in the morning with a few presents, but the real celebration with the party and the whole extended family and friends was celebrated on her half birthday. Her parents were amazing at it, the parties were always amazing and they made sure it wasn't a pushed celebration, it would say 4 1/2 (or whatever age) on her birthday crown, the cake, we'd sing it in the song (we all looked forward to her birthdays and were almost a bit jealous!). They made sure it was a real treat, something fun and worth waiting for. She still does it this way, and the parties are still fabulous!
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    My extended family has 3 kids (all cousins to each other) with birthdays around Christmas (each within a few days on either side), and they all hate it. Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad if there weren't three of them! Their friends are never in town, so they can never really have a birthday party unless they do it well before or after but even then, they're fighting the Christmas party schedule. They're all still kids, so they highlight the adverse effect it has on the presents they ( don't) get. And along that line, it's hard for parents, grandparents, etc because they all have so many obligations/expenses that time of year they can't always do for their Christmas kids what they'd like to or the equivalent of what they can do for those kids/grandchildren/etc born in other months.
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    I think if you're going to possibly have a Christmas baby you will need to be willing to change your holiday schedule around.
    My best friend has a Christmas baby, and they celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve, and do her daughter's birthday on her birthday, which I think is really cool.
    I grew up with a kid whose parents did it the opposite way, and he did resent them for always pushing his birthday.

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    We started TTC in April knowing if we got pregnant straight away, we'd wind up with a Christmas baby. I don't think it's so bad. But if it bothers you, maybe wait until May to start trying? Remember, you might not get pregnant right away (the average amount of time couples spend TTC is seven months).
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