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    There is only so much you can do to plan/avoid when your child will be born.

    Do what's best for you in terms of beginning to ttc, and keep in mind that you don't know how long it will take to conceive, and if the baby will come early or late.

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    There is really only so much you can plan. One of my friends has a Christmas birthday and hated it growing up. His first child was due in late January, but she ended up coming a month early, on December 24. Babies have a way of thwarting your plans, so even if you get pregnant in May, you never know.

    If it really bugs you, you may want to wait a month to start TTC. We started this summer, and if we're not pregnant by April, I wouldn't care enough to put off trying for a month.
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    Having a birthday in December isn't all that bad but I'm sure it depends on the person and their situation. My birthday is five days after Christmas and I think the only problem I've had with it is that many people are on holidays at that time. So it is likely you have less people to celebrate it with.
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    Planning when to get pregnant is not always easy. We went thru years of infertility, surgeries and miscarriage. Now we are the most fertile people ever! But we've never gotten pregnant when we thought we would. Although I know the people who went off the pill and got pregnant the following month, it's more common to struggle. It's just not something people discuss much.

    I do have one kid with a birthday right before Christmas. We do his birthday about a week before. We also notify people of the party date early because schedules tend to fill up. I also know someone who son's birthday is on Christmas. She celebrates it in June (his half birthday). We have special pics of my son in Christmas hats that I love putting up at Christmas. It was festive atmosphere at the hospital. However, it is prime cold and flu season. Our son got RSV and the flu at only a couple weeks and was in the hospital for a while.

    I have two kids with end of August birthdays. While it is nice to have outdoor birthday parties, they don't ever get to celebrate at school. And, where I live, the age for school cut off is at the end of August. So, we had to decide if our kids would be the youngest in their classes or we would hold a year. But it was nice to go outside in flip flops and take the babies for a walk in the weeks after giving birth.

    I also have a October birthday. I do really like that it's after the school year cutoff but when I had her, the weather was starting to get colder so I couldn't go outside too much.

    I always thought that if I could have planned it, I would have had a March baby. Just starting to get warmer and can spend summer outside with new baby. Plus, we don't have AC and I was always so hot being pregnant in the summer. I thought I could use a little extra heat in the winter. Finally, it wouldn't put me too close to the school age cutoff - that's an important one.

    Ultimately, I'm just happy to have four precious babies, especially since we weren't sure we could have any. So, don't worry too much about it. Every date will have a pro and a con.
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    One of my friends birthday is on Dec 27. He looks fine, no complaint at all. My mom's is on Dec 23, no complaint/problem too. My ex-roommate's is on Dec 31, and she did complaint. She said the environment is too crowded and noisy, with all fireworks and stuff.

    Mine is on June 29. I like it, but not crazy about it. I once thought that If I can choose my own birthday, my top choice will be December. Around 12-21, I think. I know this is very contradictory to people with Christmas birthday who celebrate in June. It's just I love having holiday birthday, but with other holidays in December, people tend to get together. Every date has its own pros and cons, so please don't over think it.
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