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    Names with poet/writer/ect. meanings?

    I love to write. Poetry, stories, you name it. When I found out Teagan meant "Little Poet", I thought it would be so neat to possibly name a future child something with a similar meaning. I don't dislike Teagan, but I am not a huge fan of it either so I am looking for other ideas too!
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    And then any names of any poets you like: Keats, Henry, Tennyson, etc.
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    all of these are names of famous writers:

    Adela ... writer Adela Rogers St. John.

    Afra ... The first female professional writer in England was named Aphra Behn (late 17th century)

    Agatha ... Writer Agatha Christie.

    Agnes ... writer Anaïs Nin ...

    Alice ... writers Alice Walker, Alice Sebold ...

    Anita ... writers Anita Loos, Anita Brookner.

    Ann ... writer Ayn Rand ...

    Antonia ... English writer Antonia Fraser.

    Aphra ... Writer Aphra Behn (17th century). (My personal favorite!)

    Barbara ... writer Barbara Tuchman ... nn: Barbie

    Beatrice ... writer Beatriz Potter ...

    Benita ... writer Benita Eisler.

    Claire ... Writer Clare Booth Luce ...

    Claudine ... made popular in the early 20th century as the name of the heroine of novels by French writer Colette.

    Colleen ... writer Colleen McCullough.

    Cora ... An invented name coined by American writer James Fenimore Cooper for the dark-haired heroine in "The Last of the Mohicans" (1826) ...

    Doris ... writer Doris Lessing.

    Dorothy ... Writers Dorothy Parker, Dorothy Sayers ...

    Edith ... Writer Edith Wharton ...

    Eluned ... Lunette is the form used by French writer Chrétien de Troyes. (an awesome name!)
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    I don't know your style, so I'll post everything. ^_^


    Ceridwen -- poetry, white, fair
    Dervla -- daughter of a poet
    Devin -- poet, fawn, little dark one -- I prefer this on a boy, but it's unisex now
    Hakumele -- poet
    Edda -- song writer
    Keela -- beauty that only poetry can capture


    Adikavi -- first poet
    Baird -- poet
    Devin -- poet, fawn, little dark one
    Eknath -- a poet
    Kavi -- poet
    Kirin -- one who praises, poet
    Narsi -- poet
    Riordan -- royal poet
    Rordan -- small poet king
    Makalani -- writer

    Or there's the word names if you're into that (I like them in the middle):



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