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    Updated: Need a sibling name for Sophia, Theodora and Clementine

    Hi Berries!

    I really need your help. I'm having my second girl soon and DH and I decided to name her Clementine and save Theodora for the next one. Our other daughter is Sophia Emmanuelle. Since we decided we love both, what middle name combos would you use for both and also can you please add a sibling name to these names? Boy and girl
    Here are a list of names we like and maybe you guys could come up with some cool combinations that work better than the ones we have in mind. The only ones we came up with are Theodora Lux and Clementine Marlowe or Clementine Poppy. Please help us make a perfect combo sibset!

    So it's:
    Sophia Emmanuelle +
    Clementine ________ +
    Theodora __________ +
    Whatever name you think goes best with these names

    For some ideas here are some named we like (you don't have to use this list, just an idea of what we like):


    Thank you )
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    Clementine Poppy sounds a bit to cutesy to me but overall I would go with Clementine. Theodora, while I love it, sounds too vintage compared with Sophia. It sounds like an unfair sib set to me.
    I like:
    Clementine Lake
    Clementine Winter
    Clementine Athena
    Clementine Violet
    & Clementine Lux
    off your list.

    Clementine Alice
    Clementine Louise
    Clementine Viola
    Clementine Flora
    Clementine Georgia
    Clementine Julia / Julie / Juliet

    If you like Theodora better though,
    I like:
    Theodora Violet
    Theodora Winter
    Theodora Beatrix
    Theodora Lake
    & Theodora Lux!
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    I actually like the name Theodora Clementine. Am I nuts?

    I also very much like the suggestion of Theodora Beatrix. I'm also liking Clementine Athena and Clementine Louise. Clementine Poppy is a little cutesy to me overall.

    Other ideas:
    Clementine Eloise
    Clementine Amelia
    Clementine Margot
    Clementine Alice

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    I think Sophia and Theodora are extremely well-matched. Both Greek, both vintage, both have stellar namesakes, both feature O and end in A. I think it's as close to perfect as you can get.

    Sophia and Clementine are cute too, and I don't think you have to match their names perfectly in any case. I just adore Theodora, especially with Sophia.

    I think since Theodora has the length and gravity of Emmanuelle, you could go a little lighter in the middle—so Theodora Violet, to me, feels just-right next to Sophia Emmanuelle. And I think I especially love using something French paired with the Greek name, so something like Theodora Hélène would be beautiful.

    I also like
    Theodora Juliet
    Theodora Mary-Jane
    Theodora Marianne
    Theodora Jane
    Theodora Plum
    Theodora Vianne
    Theodora Pearl
    Theodora Sylvie
    Theodora Anaïs

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    I am probably the biggest fan of Clementine on this site, but with Sophia Emanuelle (beautiful!) I prefer Theodora, actually. Clementine almost feels too hippie-ish next to her sister. I like pp's suggestion of Theodora Clementine, but what I'm absolutely living is Theodora Winter. It sounds so perfect!

    Good luck with whatever you choose, and congrats!
    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

    My apologies for any typos; i post from my mobile phone.

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