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  • Sylvie Eleanor

    18 30.00%
  • Celeste Rosalind

    13 21.67%
  • Margo Vivienne

    14 23.33%
  • Margo Susannah

    6 10.00%
  • Maeve Rosalie

    9 15.00%
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    I actually prefer Margot with the t as well but I just have this feeling that kids could be very mean with that spelling and I worry about pronunciation issues. It is good to know though that most people prefer that spelling.

    Thanks for all the positive feedback. I'm surprised at how close all the names are. Although I was hoping there would be a clear cut winner to make my job easier.

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    I really like all of your combos and think that any of them would be a good match with your other daughters. I voted for Sylvie Eleanor. I like that Sylvie has the ie ending making it so that all your girls' names would end in a different sound. You can't go wrong with any of your choices though
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    -Margo: I prefer the Margot spelling as well, but I voted for Margo Vivienne. Margo Susannah would also be precious. I really feel like Margot would go the best with Roxanne and Vera.
    -Sylvie: This always feels like a nickname for Sylvia to me, and I vastly prefer Sylvia.
    -Maeve: It feels a little short and doesn't give me the same retro, spunky but romantic feelig I get from Roxanne and Vera.
    -Celeste: This would be my second choice. It has a lovely meaning, it sounds good with Roxanne and Vera, and Celeste Rosalind is beautiful.

    For what it's worth, I know two adult Margots, both spelled that way, and both love their name and have never been teased for it. Margo just looks incomplete after seeing Margot.

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    Sylvie Eleanor! None of the other FNs are my thing at all, sorry, but I really love Sylvie and Eleanor, and I love them together. In general, I'm one of those weird Berries that much prefers the more classic Sylvia to the trendy (in a good way!), chic, French Sylvie. But I really love Sylvie Eleanor; I think it's beautiful.
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    Definitely Celeste, but maybe not with Rosalind :-)

    Celeste Eleanora is my favourite, and, like ashthedreamer, I like Sylvie, but I LOVE Sylvia, and Sylvia fits slightly better than Sylvie, Celeste, Maeve & Margo(t) with your other girls.
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