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Thread: Merle?

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    I knew a male Merle, so it's a stretch for me to imagine a female one. There's always Meryl.

    My favorite with your boys is Maude or Eve.

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    I had no idea Merle was ever used for girls. For me it's 100% male, and I think would get mistaken as a boy with your sibset. I also think it sounds too close to Vale. I do, however, love Maude and Eve!

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    My grandmother's name is Merle Lorraine, strangely enough by accident! Her Dad forgot how to spell Meryl and so she became Merle. Not so much now although she doesn't love it; but when she was a child she said she always feel silly having a boy's name and that teachers, schoolmates etc. where always pointing it out. She was born in 1927. I don't really like it either.
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    I think Meryl is a FANTASTIC suggestion!

    I know a little boy with the mn Merle so I only see boy and even at that Im not a huge fan! but Meryl is great!
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    Merle is all girl name to me! I'm in Australia.
    While I do love old fashioned names, I do prefer Eve out of your choices.
    Merle still sounds too old and aged.

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