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Thread: Merle?

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    I've been going over our old lists in an attempt to find other girls names. Merle jumped out at me - We're in the UK for anyone who's going to commented that the sound is heavy and guttural - it sounds lighter here than in the US . What do we think? Does it sound ok with brothers Vale, Flynn and Darby?

    Also We've had an old thread about the name Sunset resurrected - I'd almost put in the too much pile but having seen it again I do really like it.... So, working list is now: Michelle, Maude, Eve, Sunset and Merle. Wow that's a mixed bag...

    Thanks, Jessie x

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    I've always had a love/hate affair with Merle as a girl's name. It doesn't sound heavy or guttural to me, though I am in the States. The sound is rather---rough? grating? rasping?---but not displeasing. But maybe it's that sound that skews it heavily masculine to me. On the page, it looks feminine, in the ear it sounds masculine....does that make sense? I'd be afraid that Merle would be taken for the 4th brother.

    Of your list Maude is my favorite, with Eve as a close second. Michelle seems too mainstream and lackluster against the boys' names (which I love, btw), but perhaps that's my American ear. Sunset's in the 'too much pile' for me, but that's just me. Other girl's names that occur to me as a good fit with your boys: Ramona, Jill, Gwen, Ivy, Maeve, Moira, Tess, Blythe....
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    I have a love for Merle going back to age 10...I think it's lovely.
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    Hi Jessie, hope you and your family are well. With your cool sibset of Vale, Flynn and Darby, I like Eve and Maude. Vale and Merle have similar sounds to me. Although Merle means "blackbird", it's also a pattern on a dog's coat. I also have an image of glamorous actress Merle Oberon. Do you like Mirth, Muriel or Myrna?
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    I can't wrap my mind around Merle for a girl.
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