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    Keith is a cool name. It would probably be on my list if it didn't rhyme with my dad's name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iamamiam View Post
    I would say names that have been trendy in the past but aren't now.
    I agree. Just because a name is or was popular doesn't mean it's not a great name. I've made the case for Jennifer several times in various threads; I think it's a lovely name with a rich history and an interesting combination of sounds. There is a good reason it lasted for so long, and if it hadn't been so super-popular, it would definitely be a Nameberry favorite. In the future, I can see it making the classics name list with the Elizabeths and Catherines of the world. (Other names that I think fit into the Death by Popularity category include Jessica, Sarah, Olivia, Kimberly, Julie, Rachel, Isabelle, Caitlin, Megan, and Aidan).

    Outside of names that get killed by their own popularity, some others I think deserve a lot more love include

    Mahalia -- currently my favorite name; it's elegant and feminine, smooth and smokey, and just rich with music

    Cosima -- southern.maple said it best; this name is gorgeous

    Valerie -- both sweet and sassy; it was never really too popular, but just sort of flirted with popularity, like the quirky girl that everyone likes who is in the pep squad who is also in band or

    Cassia -- starting to get some love, but not enough; such a rich autumn spice name; I love cinnamon, and this name just makes me think of spicy cider, crisp afternoons, and football Saturdays

    Jennifer -- reasons above; also, it's hard to really typecast a Jennifer; the name being so common meant all the Jennifers had to find another way to be unique, so she could be anything. I kind of think of the name as being a log-cabin name, with quilts and books and lots of chocolate. It's also my name, soooo that may influence me a bit!

    Petra -- prefer /pay/ to /pet/ sound

    Jewel -- there's a lot of love here for Ruby, Opal, and Pearl, but I think just Jewel is lovely in and of itself

    Annika -- love the sound combo here; very fresh version of Anne

    Jerusha -- one of my favorite sound combinations

    Jonathan -- my favorite variation of John; I think it's soft and strong at the same time

    Dominic -- I prefer the /Nick/ to the /Neek/ pronunciation; one of my long-time favorite names

    Richard -- nicknames aside, I think this name is very elegant and polished; not sure why it's hated so much these days

    Lysander -- I just think this name is beautiful and always have.

    Charles -- just a classic name that I think is really pretty but seems to have sort of slipped through the Nameberry cracks

    Ned -- as a nn for Edward or something else, this name has really started growing on me recently...maybe because I used it on my cat, but still, I think it's a great name!

    Alistair -- another name I just think is really lovely

    Rafael -- I love the history of the name as well as the nn Rafe

    Gabriel -- I think this doesn't get a lot of love because it's been a little too popular too recently, but I love the way it sounds and I always hear it in the voice of Brandon Lee as the Crow, in the scene where he finds his lost cat great scene.

    I love augusta_lee's suggestions of Reuben and Tobias; they are two of my all-time favorites. Mischa's suggestion of Humphrey made me realize I like it, too. (I think maybe the song by Mika, "Grace Kelly," may have softened me to it a bit, though.) I agree with allyphilly that Desmond is a great name and with southern.maple about Constantine--I really love that one!


    Some of these aren't really unisex or really ever meant to be unisex, but I think they would work on a girl just the same! Some of these have also already been said. I love mischa's suggestions of Meredith, Jocelyn, and Bronwen. I think they're all lovely. I also agree that Valentine (alexa400's suggestion) is a great name. It may actually pick up a bit now that Ender's Game is coming out; Valentine is Ender's sister and will be portrayed by Abigail Breslin. Actually Petra may also get a bump from the film as well.

    Joie (Joey)

    Remy --so dashing on a boy
    Sidney--don't like on a girl at all
    Morgan (thank you, Derek Morgan)
    Rory (thank you, Arthur Darvill/aka Rory "Pond")
    Spencer (thank you, [m]Spencer Reid; you edge out [f]Spencer Hastings by the tiniest of margins)
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    Current Favorites (in no particular order)

    Girls: Susannah, Mahalia, Cassia, Tosca, Petra, Yael, Jerusha, Jewel, Rose, Dove, Kate, and Eve
    Boys: Gideon, Gabriel, Rafael, Dominic, Benedict, Abraham, Desmond, Theodore, Tobias, Jonathan, Mordecai, and Sebastian
    Guilty Pleasures: Aurelia, Cosima, Eowyn, Neytiri, Rukia / Remy, Gryffin, Sam, Eddard, and Judah

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    Out of the names already mentioned I love the names Cosima, Nova (anything star related for me) Linnea and Arietta has to be a new favourite. I already names my teddy Humphrey because it is an awesome name after all. I will not mention Amabel, Edmund and Enid, both names that I adore and have already mentioned.

    Fern/Fearne- I've seen the name mentioned very few times in forums, I love how spunky and sweet it sounds and the relation to nature is a huge plus for me, I would love to see this name on a little girl
    Clea- a name probably invented by the author of Alexandria Quartet. Believed to be inspired form the name Cleo/Clio, both of which I also like
    Christabel/Clarabel- Love both variants of the name but both like Amabel are names that I see rarely brought up compared to the more popular Isobel, Annabel etc
    Ruth- lovely name, can't really explain my love for it
    Clover- one of my favourite names and the bf loves it too, I fell in love with the name from reading What Katy Did, I love how quirky and English it sounds and it has so much meaning to me, another spunky little name for a girl which I can imagine belonging to a little tomboy

    Albert nn Albie- I just think it is adorable and will age well
    Thaddeus- See very little mention of this strong boys name and I just love it
    Theobald nn Ted- I prefer it to the more feminine sounding Theodore and it can use the nn Ted which was my Grandfather's name
    Abel- This was a slow grower of a name on my but I like the hebrew origin and meaning 'breath'
    Abram- Another Ab name for the boys, I prefer it compared to Abraham and the nn Abe is an awesome nn

    Remi- I've always loved this spelling and will always think of it as a boy's name
    Oswin- Doctor Who association and another spunky little name for a girl, plus the nn Winnie

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    Cool thread. Not sure I can do five of each but:
    Saskia, Rembrandts wife is why I love this name but there's lots to love, it's all soft and girly but the k sound makes it feel strong and brave too. Sassy, Kia and Sia make cute nn's.

    Constance or the Spanish version Constanza. Love both. Perhaps it's the dated Connie that puts people off but I thought Tansy would make a super cute nn.

    Echo. A GP for me but one that I can see in real life right among the Fables, Poets and Reveries so celebrated on NB.

    Aven, a rare flower name, with the spunk of Ava, but more strength with the n ending

    March. I would use this if it wasn't my nephews surname. August is popular on nameberry, why not March?

    Alpheus. A GP for me. But fits in with popular A names and the trendy us endings. Fresher than Atticus, and lands it's self to popular nn like Alph, Alfie, Alpha, Al etc.

    Miro. I reccomend this all the time. It fits in with all the o ends that are popular on NB but doesn't rate. Miroslav or Myron are longer options.

    Roan, a colour name linked to horses. Fits in with Rowen, Ronan and Joan or June

    Evren. I came across this only last weeks. A Turkish unisex name meaning cosmos, I think it's lovely for either gender and am suprised I hadn't seen it on NB earlier.

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    Exciting! Most of the names I like are nameberry favorites (big surprise...haha!) but I do have a few unusual picks...


    Amias - This name has a wonderful meaning and is pretty nickname-proof, if that's what you're into. I can see Amias as a brother name for the rapidly-climbing Jasper

    Dante - Yes, I know, Dante's Inferno and Hell and whatnot. However, I think Dante is a wonderful name; cute for a toddler but classic for an adult. Also phonetically pronounceable in Spanish, which I personally like (:

    Franklin - These days I'm seeing Frederick in the forms, but I prefer Franklin. It reminds me of the sweet Franklin the Turtle books I read when I was a child, not to mention all the impressive namesakes (and the nickname Frankie)!

    Jesse - Okay, this is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. While I'm totally over Jessie and Jessica for a girl, I'm always intrigued by Jesse on a boy. It has that cowboy-ish feel, but is also a more metro-sexual name, which is popular (based off NB's book, Beyond Ava&Aiden)

    Locke - This one is probably best in the middle spot. However, I just love this name, and the "e" on the end really makes it for me, for some reason. I imagine a Schuyler Locke or a Theo Locke

    Schuyler - While the original spelling may be harder for a child to understand/learn than Skyler, I prefer this version. Instead of a nature name, it (at least to me) resembles the meaning much more: scholar


    Amy - What's not to love about Amy? For me, it's a wonderful nickname-name, sweet and innocent but not too childish for an adult. I'm not brave enough to use it as-is; I would probably go with Amara or Amity, but seeing a little toddler Amy would be delightful!

    Aisling/Ashling - Either the original Irish spelling or the phonetic English spelling are wonderful in my book! A sweet, semi-exotic name; a great replacement for the over-used Ashley of my generation

    Cadence - A very pretty name, potentially honoring a Candace in a stylish, word-name way. I love the music association, and the nickname Cady (pronounced Cade-ee, like in Mean Girls)

    Florence - I know this has been mentioned some, but I see Flora much more. While I think both forms are beautiful, Florence turns the name into an exotic place reference, and still has Flora as a potential nickname

    Posey - I especially like the spelling with an "e," either as its own name, or as a nickname for Josephine, Primrose, etc. Very cute and sweet, and also comes with the option of "Po" if your little girl is a tomboy!


    Bellamy - While I prefer this one for girls, I can also see the appeal as a boy's name. On the ladies' side, I see a sweet replacement for the over-used Isabella, a girly surname-name, and the potential for both Bella and Amy as nicknames

    Indigo - This is one of the names I view as truly unisex. Because it's a word name, a color name, and also a nature name, I like the idea of a more classic middle name, like Indigo James or Indigo Charlotte

    Sage - A sweet, simple name, also going with the nature and word trends. I can see this on a boy or a girl, and it works equally well in the middle with a long first name, or in first place to balance out a long last name

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