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    Most Under-appreciated names on Nameberry

    Here on Nameberry we tend to have a a pretty distinct style of naming and we share many favorites. But being an international community of name lovers I'm sure there are names that you love that the rest of Nameberry just doesn't seem to understand.

    I want to give an opportunity for us to share and defend our most under-appreciated favorites. So here are the rules....

    Choose 5 boys names & 5 girls names you feel deserve more love on Nameberry, and explain why. For bonus points choose 5 unisex boys names & 5 unisex girls...

    I'll post mine below. I'm excited to here your response!
    Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns. ~George Eliot

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    My most under appreciated names....

    1. Arietta- adds vintage charm to Aria, updates Ariadne by a few 1,000 yrs., & legitimizes Arietty while nullifying the 'yeti' issue. Plus with it's similarity to Harriet & Henrietta I think it deserves a little more attention.
    2. Apolline- has beautiful sound and rhythm along with ties to Greek mythology and the sun. Plus it has the cute Nn's of Apple & Polly
    3. Allifair- has a beautiful soft sound, kind of feels like a woodland princess, plus the cute Nn's Allie, Liv, Faira & Fairly
    4. Holiday- has such a jovial sound & rhythm. Fits right in to the word name trend while not being tied to a specific culture/day/season or region. Plus cute Nn's Holly, Liddy, Day & Lady
    5. Hannah- despite it's popularity it has morphed into a timeless classic that could be worn on anyone from nobility to an athlete, to a artist or a banker and still feel right at home in any century.

    1. Perseus- would fit right in with the upcoming tide of Latin names ending in 'us'. One if the few Greek heroes who had a happy ending & the soft but handsome nn of Percy.
    2. Lorenzo- classic name, has trendy 'o' ending plus literary cred & the awesome Nn's of Lenny & Enzo.
    3. Magnus- can't be more magnanimous than this. Plus cute Nn's Magee, Mags & Max
    4. Tolliver- so similar to popular Oliver. But still distinct with it's own history & cute nn Tolly
    5. Roger- has quietly been sitting on the sidelines. Not gone but almost forgotten & with names like Jane & Arthur on the rise why not Roger? Plus cool nn Dodge would fit right in with fellow class mates Dash & Chase.

    Unisex girls names:
    1. Darcy- dashing mr. Darcy may have been a gentlemen through & through but I feel Darcy is more suited on a bright & energetic little girl.
    2. Arden- sounds like it should be a masculine name with it's similarity to mega-popular Aiden. But it's similarity to the word 'ardently' lends it a romantic edge
    3. Valentine- always been more popular for the blue side. But I love it's connectin to the romantic holiday & it's literary cred through the count of Monte Cristo. Plus the Nn's Lenna, Lena & Tina.
    4. Ansel- starts with 'Anne' and ends with 'Elle' has a sifting lispy sound, would be adorable on a little girl.
    5. Fairfax- has an American upperclass feel but leans slightly towards the feminine side with it's 'Fair' beginning, but cool edge with it's 'x' ending.

    Unisex names for boys:
    1. Angel- I fell in love with this after watching Eddie Redmayne in Tess of the D'ubervilles. It feels all at once soft, heavenly, & romantic.
    2. Harper- Harper to me has always seemed more old-fashioned southern gentlemen than modern girl.
    3. Ashley- Again old-fashioned gentlemen with a soft sound. It has a handsome romantic feel. While the nn Ash is more of a nature name. I feel this name is ready to be reclaimed by the boys.
    4. Quincy- feels polished, presidential & intelligent. While nn Quinn has more of a woody, outdoorsy feel.
    Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns. ~George Eliot

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    IoneIvy and Iris are having a comeback, but this flower name feels more exotic and steeped in legend
    Magdalen – The contemporary feel of Madeline meets classic Margaret with cute nicknames Magda and Lena.
    Marcela/MarcellaEvery kind of ella name has been done to death, yet no one seems to be using this one. It’s a name that works in many languages, and Don Quixote thought she was the world’s most beautiful woman.
    Enid – With Edie and Edith being dusted off, Enid seems like fair game. Bonus: great meaning and lots of legend behind it
    Oona – at last – a fresh AND easy-to-spell Irish name that isn’t over-used

    Heath – The nameberry definition needs an update. For me this name evokes romance, calm, and wild, rustic beauty all in a simple, easy-to -pronounce package.
    QuincyFinn meets Henry meets jazz.
    Desmond – A name with great pedigree and cool nicknames with Dez and Desi
    Edmund – A handsome underused classic that doesn’t smack of Twilight
    Micah – Berries love Jonah and Noah. Why not Micah?

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    I definitely agree with Heath, he deserves a little more love, as well as Edmund! And I love seeing someone else mention Quincy!
    Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns. ~George Eliot

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    My Five Nominess for More Berry Appreciation are...


    1 Claudine - Claudia gets her share of attention here but not Claudine. The French pronunciation is gorgeous and there's no "claw" sound in sight (it's kloh-DEEN). I think it's elegant and chic.

    2 Georgette - I think the "ette" names are considered old-fashioned - and not in a good, vintage way! I love all of the "George" names for girls and this one is no exception. It has a literary connection with Georgette Heyer.

    3 Suzanne - Susannah gets some love but not the French version Suzanne. It's a family name for me. My cousin Suzanne died of cancer in her early forties. It may be "dated" but it sounds wonderful with a French accent.

    4 Bernice/Bernadette - I love both names. An added bonus for Bernice is the vintage nn of Binnie which I think is adorable. Bernadette has the saintly pedigree.

    5 Geraldine - I knew a feisty and funny lady with this name so it has so many wonderful memories for me. It's clunky but friendly.

    Sibsets: Bernice, Claudine, Georgette & Suzanne OR Bernadette and Geraldine.


    1 Humphrey - the nursey rhyme Humpty Dumpty and the actor Humphrey Bogart are the two main associations for this underused name. It's been around since the Normans introduced it to England and was somewhat popular in the Middle Ages. It's used in the Uk more than North America but I think it deserves some attention! It sounds very distinguished but the "ee" ending gives it a spunky vibe too!

    2 Augustine - If this name is even suggested on here, most Berries suggest just August because Augustine is too "feminine". Not to me it isn't. If this name is good enough for two major saints, (Augustine of Hippo and Augustine of Canterbury), then it's strong enough in the modern world. It's pronounced "uh-GUS-tin" (male) not "AW-gus- teen" (female).

    3 Emmanuel - a sacred name for a Christian. Perhaps it's too religious for some people. Isn't there room for a little love to share with Samuel, Gabriel and Daniel?

    4 Virgil - too tied to the "virgin" sound? I think about the Roman poet and author of the "Aeneid". It also has a Southern gentleman charm to it that appeals to me.

    5 Clarence - A family name for me. One of the nicest, most gentle man ever. This is a surname that deserves more notice.

    Sibsets: Augustine and Emmanuel OR Humphrey, Clarence and Virgil.



    1 Ellis - Ellis Bell was Emily Bronte's pseudonym at a time when female writers weren't taken seriously.
    2 Frances - I've loved this name for ages.
    3 Meredith - one of my favourite Welsh names for a girl
    4 Jocelyn - One "lyn" ending name that I love.
    5 Bronwen - another Welsh beauty. This is the correct FEMALE spelling. I get ticked off when I see so many girl Bronwyns.


    1 Sidney - Sydney is a trendy place name - for girls. I love this spelling for boys. Sid is a pretty awesome nickname.
    2 Morgan - yeah, it's a horse breed but who cares. It's handsome and sophisticated - for a boy.
    3 Amory - love the spelling and the Fitzgerald literary pedigree.
    4 Schuyler - this is the original Dutch spelling. It's classy. Skyler/Skylar are poor modern inventions.
    5 Radclyffe - My early connection with this name actually came from a female writer Radclyffe Hall. I've always felt that it was more suitable for a boy. It just sounds like a masculine name to me. A bit pretentious. Perhaps but I don't care.

    Sibsets: Ellis, Sidney and Radclyffe, Morgan and Schuyler, Frances, Amory and Bronwen OR Meredith and Jocelyn.
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