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    Cassandra - This is a name I don't hear mentioned on here very much but I think it's classy and feminine and I love the mythology connection.
    Persephone - Penelope seems to get a lot of love and Persephone has a similar sound as well as a mythological connection.
    Morven/Mirren - Both of these names are quite popular in Scotland but not in other countries (or here on Nameberry). They are both legitimate girls' names but they fit in with a lot of masculine and unisex sounding names.
    Paulina - This name is so pretty and feminine that it always amazes me that I don't hear it more often.
    Polly - Molly and Holly both seem to get a lot of attention and to me Polly has even more spunky, vintage appeal.
    Vaila - I know this is my 6th girls' name but I couldn't resist. I don't think I've ever heard this name mentioned on Nameberry but I think it sounds so cool and spunky but feminine at the same time.

    Murray - A lot of surname names are very popular on nameberry but not really this one. I think it would make a great option for people looking for a Scottish name that is easy to spell and pronounce for non-Scottish people.
    Harley - This name has just enough of a bad boy image to make it seriously cool.
    Xan - This would be a great way to honour an Alexander. I think it stands well on its own without the need for a longer full name and it has the added bonus of the X initial.
    Shea - A really cool Irish name that fits in well with the current love for celtic names.
    Regan - I've heard this one talked about for girls a bit but never really for boys. It's a strong 2 syllable name that ends in N - it fits right in with all the popular boys' names.

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    I wish I had time to comment on everyone's post! There are some really great names being mentioned, some that I've never even heard of and some I think we as berry's overlook. From the most recent posts my favorites include Kirk, Wallace, Orlando, Cedric & Shea for boys and Prudence, Rosaline, Greta, Octavia, Cassandra, & Mirren/Morven!
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    Some of the girl names that I think could use some attention today are:

    Margo (or in my family it's spelled Margeaux after a great grandmother)
    Nan (not short for anything, just Nan)

    There are boys names which are super common, but I haven't heard anyone use these names in decades, except as maybe middle names:

    Randall (Randy)
    Vaughn (a personal favorite)

    Unisex names:

    Robin (a personal favorite)
    Nick (which happens to be my name spelled as Nik, which in my case is short for Nicole, which I don't think I've ever been called ever. It's also an unusual name for someone my age, being born in the mid-60s when all girls were Michelle, Cheryl, Shari, Christina, or Lisa haha.)

    I'm actually a big fan of Unisex names given I grew up with one and liked it.

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