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    Clarice - Shares lineage with more common Clara, Claire etc...but is a little something extra...also sounds classical and timeless to me

    Sally - I LOVE it. Not used so much anymore, but I still think its super cute

    Elke - prn elle-kah. Lovely European name

    Elle - Short/Sweet/Feminine without being too dressy

    Vienna - I love V names such as Vanessa, Victoria...but not the nicknames associated or how common they are. This is a beautiful Compromise!


    Fennec - I have loved this name for ages and only recently saw in in a blog on the main home page of nameberry! I am not big on any of the "finn" names but I like "Fenn" as a nn. I hope this gains a little popularity just so it becomes more usable rather than being stuck in the strange category.

    Maddox - all celebrity relations aside...this is a GREAT name. Combines the sound of max with a little something extra..

    Whit - Great old fashioned name

    Huck - I love huck so so much. I despise any of the longer versions that it could be shortened to (Huxley, Huckleberry etc). I wish people would see this names potential as a full first name rather than just a nn.

    Simon - Common, but not. Soft sounding...but not too sticky sweet for a boy.

    Girl Unisex

    Logan - Love logan on a girl...hate it on a boy...

    River - Beautiful water name with a little more strength/wild factor

    Cody - Love on a girl, dislike on a boy

    Reese - " "

    Boy Unisex

    Avery - As common a this name has become for girls, I still love it on a boy and would not hesitate to name my child this

    Addison - " "

    Layne - People complain of this spelling because its apparently too feminine. This is my Hubbys name and ironically, I have always had a huge name-crush on this for a boy!

    Sky - I just like it. no good reason.

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    This thread is great!

    Noemi- So soft and feminine without being princessy
    Tanwen/Rhonwen- two of my favorite -wen names. Tanwen seems so clean and streamlined and I love that in a name. I think Rhonwen is (to steal nameberry's description) hauntingly beautiful
    Ailsa- just like it.
    Mireya- has a languid, melodic sound I love

    Davis- just strikes me as a cooler David
    Keane- love the sound
    Malcolm- a little old man, a little bit awesome TV character (I'm thinking "Firefly" not " the Middle,") has Mac and Mal
    Casey- on a girl, kind of dated and blah. On a guy, I just picture a super smart, popular kid.
    Auden- I see August a lot, and Arden sometimes, but hardly ever Auden
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    I love hearing somebody else mention Noemi, Rafael, Whit, Fennec, Sally, Florence, Echo & Clea. They've all been on my list at some point and most definitely deserve more attention on nameberry!
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    Paul/Luke/Benjamin - I think a lot of people see these as boring/obvious/dated/plain or whatever it may be, but I think they're lovely classy names that should be suggested more often. I see a lot of Lucas/Lucian/Bennett/Benedict (& I like those too), but sometimes the simpler option is more fitting.
    Justice - I just think this is a super cool name and I'd totally love to meet one. I think Juss and Tice make it relatively accessible. I know it's a bit out there but I think it's cool
    Heath - I don't know if I've ever seen this recommended (maybe I'm reading the wrong threads), but I think it's a great name with a lot of personality
    Jove - with all the god-names that run around the forum I'm surprised I don't see this one more. It's interesting, simple, has the v trendy going, and has nice connotations, with a usable nn Joe/y.

    Holly/Molly - I think these are seen as too cutesy by some, but with the prevalence of Daisy and Aaliyah I can't see why that would hold someone up from using one of these gorgeous happy names. They just make me smile!
    Samantha - another that I don't think I've ever seen suggested once! As a highly accepted feminization and one that's popular but not on fire I'd love to see it come up more
    Johannah - with the popularity of Josephine I'm hoping this one comes back. It's lovely and has a great meaning. Can be an honoring name for John, Hannah, Anna, Joe, etc. and has a load of great nn's.
    Ruth - simple, old-lady but not too dusty, great namesake, cute nn Roo/Ruthie. I'd love to meet a little Ruth!
    Shelby - I'm not even sure why I like this one, it's just so spunky and fun.
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    How did I miss Allifair? It's gorgeous for sure, and I come across it occasionally going through old census records. I just can't seem to find an etymology for it or a reason why it suddenly appears in the mid 1800s...

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