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    Ignatius & Kalina

    There are two names I want to consult with you. First is Ignatius. My friends suggested me it's the perfect match to Zelda & Dashiell, for me it's absolutely fabolous name too. Do you think it makes a pefrect sibset?
    Second one is polish name I felt in love with as a middle. It's Kalina: Ka (like KY in Kylie) - li (lee) - na (like nah in Dinah or Rebekah) - herb name and the name of polish 60's femme fatale Kalina Jedrusik. Oppinions wanted!!!
    Zelda Astrid - 21.02.2011
    Dashiell Roman Leif - 15.05.2013
    Vita Malin - 23.04.2014

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    Zelda and Dashiell have a literary connection. Ignatius has a saintly association. I love Ignatius but I think the name is an acquired taste. The names are different but I think they're complementary enough for a sibset. However, being a name nerd, I couldn't help but notice that Dashiell and Ignatius are the names of actress Cate Blanchett's sons (the remaining son is called Roman). Kalina has an exotic vibe so it works well with Zelda. All of your children would then have an "l" in their names.
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