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    Roland Artemus --

    So in trying to make combos, I asked Cody if he would be willing to look at combos for Roland Artemus. He said he was fine with that, so now I'm trying to find a second middle for that combo. So can you guys help?

    Roland Artemus ___

    Here's some middles we've been toying wit:


    Add your own in that style if you'd like. I've been looking at these so much I can't even tell which sounds good anymore. >.<

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    Roland Artemus EvanderEvander is still one of my favorites with Roland!
    Roland Artemus Blaise
    Roland Artemus Valerian – too similar to Araris Valerian? Not that I think there's any such thing, but it might be odd if you haven't read the book
    Roland Artemus Wolfgang ~ Roland Artemus Beowulf – I seem to remember these two Wolfie's being on your list, and I like their shaggy rugged ferocity with Roland's nobility and Artemus' woodsiness. I also like Roland Artemus Wolfrik
    Roland Artemus Lucian ~ Roland Artemus Luciel
    Roland Artemus Zale – apparently means "sea-strength," which I love
    Roland Artemus Warren
    Roland Artemus Herne – I still love this one as well, but seem to remember the Mister didn't like it. Also, I don't think it would be weird to use a name that obliquely honors Pan. Many many Christian names are references to God/Jesus, and many Catholic names honor Mary, etc. It makes sense, unless there is a particular taboo or negative feeling among Pagans about the practice of honoring a deity with a child's name.
    Roland Aretmus Kestrel – some people prefer Kes on a girl, but I think it's workably unisex
    Roland Artemus Taliesin
    Roland Aremus Hyperion – not woodsy, I know…but still swoonworthy! Though come to think of it, I may love him better with Virgil
    Roland Artemus Draco
    Roland Aremus Gavin ~ Roland Artemus GawainGavin/Gawain means "white hawk of battle"
    Roland Artemus Celeborn – I know, another Tolkienism…
    Roland Artemus Leander
    Roland Artemus Dionysus – too much?
    Roland Artemus Theron
    Roland Artemus Kenshin – You're an anime nut, yes? I know you have to have seen Rurouni Kenshin…the name means "heart of sword," and Kenshin remains one of my favorite fictional characters to this day, regardless of genre or media. From him I learned that the greatest strength is gentleness, not cruelty. Heart this name so much!!
    Roland Artemus Gwydion
    Roland Artemus Craig – too normal? I love the ruggedness of it.
    Roland Artemus Orion
    Roland Artemus Lorcan
    Roland Artemus Ulrich – means either "powerful wolf" or "powerful heritage"
    Roland Artemus Verne – as in Jules, with the added bonus of the relationship to Vernon ("alder grove") and Vernal ("pertaining to springtime")

    I kinda went all over the place with it this time…hope you find some you like!
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    Roland Artemus Ahava - the Finnish God of the West Wind.
    Roland Artemus Alder - I love this tree, they're beautiful and filled with magic. In folklore alders make passages between our world and the realm of the faeries. It sounds delicious.
    Roland Artemus Alfheim - the home of the elves in Norse mythology. Sounds grounded and magical at the same time.
    Roland Artemus Alphard - the brightest star in Hydra, which makes the name starry and glorious!
    Roland Artemus Anacreon - "ruling king". A Greek poet.
    Roland Artemus Ashur - the chief God in the Assyrian pantheon, and it gets you Ash...
    Roland Artemus Asketil - "a God's cauldron". Roland sounds all mysterious with this one at the end.
    Roland Artemus Attalus - probably too much with three -s's, but it's so good. He was one of Alexander the Great's generals.
    Roland Artemus Aurelian - Makes Roland so very kingly, like he's clad in deep blue velvet and gold.
    Roland Artemus Auster - I know you're not very into the Romans, but Auster is such a fantastic name. The God of the South Wind.
    Roland Artemus Azazel - one of the rebellious angels in Milton's Paradise Lost. It's taken from the old religious scripts, there's a demon named Azazel in Judaism, Islam and I assume Christianity too.
    Roland Artemus Beowulf - this one can deal with all kinds of stuff while charming the ladies and gentlemen.
    Roland Artemus Brage - this makes Roland super romantic and dashing.
    Roland Artemus Casimir - some serious hotness. Capes and wolves and forests.
    Roland Artemus Galahad - Makes Roland fun! Galahad is an amazing name, and my favourite knight.
    Roland Artemus Glitnir - Forseti's home of silver and glitter. Reminds me of glittering starry nights.
    Roland Artemus Hawthorn - All rugged and masculine goodness.
    Roland Artemus Hermod - the great son of Odin who rode to Hel to get Balder and Odr back. Makes Roland all rugged and a bit uncontrollable.
    Roland Artemus Ilmarinen - the Finnish God of the Air, Maker of Heaven. Makes Roland poetic and sensitive.
    Roland Artemus Vimur - one of the Elivagors, huge rivers from the dawn of time.
    Roland Artemus Warren - Warren is such a great, strong name and it makes Roland sound very brooding and sexy.

    oh, and I forgot Roland Artemus Faramir! First of all, nickname RAFT!!! Second of all, how amazing is Faramir? Swoon alert!!! Third of all, the name sounds and looks like pure poetry. Love it.

    Also, the reason for all the a names is that I like entertaining the idea of a little Ra! Obviously you don't need the second a, but I love alliteration. Roland Artemus Ramses or Roland Artemus Amun (or Roland Artemus Amun-Ra, muahaha!) could work too, now that I think of it. Or simlpy Roland Artemus Ra! You could call him RaRa!!!
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    Thank you Sessha and Ottilie!

    Sessha, comments and the ones we like are:

    Roland Artemus Evander
    Roland Artemus Beowulf – I agree completely, the bard, the woodsman, the warrior ^_^
    Roland Artemus Lucian
    Roland Artemus Zale – I like the sound but it makes me think of the jewelry store
    Roland Artemus Herne -- He doesn't like it
    Roland Aremus Hyperion
    Roland Artemus Dionysus – I don't like how it sounds together, but Cody absolutely loves it.
    Roland Artemus Kenshin – I like it, he's iffy. I love that anime. ^_^
    Roland Artemus Orion
    Roland Artemus Ulrich –- Ulrich is a terrible character in my novel

    Otter, comments and we like:

    Roland Artemus Alder - I love that mythology ^_^
    Roland Artemus Ashur
    Roland Artemus Aurelian - I love this but 1 -- RAAT, 2. I named a man who could turn his body to gold in my novel Aurelius and he gets burned alive
    Roland Artemus Azazel - I actually quite like it, but Cody scrunched his nose up and shook his head :P
    Roland Artemus Casimir - You made me love this name way back when you did imagery for it. Now I have this like, assassin with a heart of gold in my head, capes on a sand dune, wolf for a pet. It makes me think of one of my favorite Salvatore characters named Artemis Entreri (that's a link to what I think of when I think of Casimir and it's right next to Artemus, which doesn't help :P) and also this (he's riding a nightmare in that picture).
    Roland Artemus Glitnir - He didn't like this, but he did like Roland Artemus Forseti
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