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    Need Name Suggestions for Girl

    We are having our second child, a girl, in March. Our first, a boy, is named Tyler. I have a few names I really like but reasons I may not want to use them. I would love any suggestions based on our likes! Thanks in advance.

    Our Likes and why I'm iffy about them:
    Elsa - I love this name, it's actually been the first on my list even before we new we were having a girl but I have a niece name Alyssa and I feel it's too similar and my hubby wasn't too keen on it.
    Ember - too close to Amber and may cause confusion
    Cora - may have a rise in popularity due to Downtown Abbey
    Aven - a friend named her daughter this
    Karis - a friend is named this
    Primrose - obviously from the Hunger Games

    I am really in search of a name that is unique but not weird. I like Jane or June as a middle name but I'm flexible with that as well.

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    Not sure if you like any of these name but I will try

    Ambrose - might be a nice compromise between Primrose and Ember.
    Coralie / Coraline / Cordelia - all these names are similar to Cora
    Avalon - has lots of nice nn like Ava, Loni, Vana
    Maris - means "of the sea" and is a middle name I am considering.
    Posy - Flower-name that is more obscure
    Magnolia - another strong feminine flower name
    Essie - means "star" and is a derivative of Estelle/ Estella
    Elspeth - a variation of Elisabeth but I am not sure if this crosses the line from unique to weird for you

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    Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns. ~George Eliot

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    I love Else and Cora!

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