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    It's a little out-of-the-box, but a friend of mine has two kids; her son is almost 3 and her daughter just turned 1. She was living in a city that's not very stroller-friendly and she mostly wore the baby, so they got a little scooter for their son. He has the independence of being out of a stroller, but can move faster than walking and tires out less quickly. He had just turned 2 when he started using the scooter. If Zelda took to a scooter, you could have both little ones in a double-stroller.
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    Here's what people do around where I am (we've got lots of families with lots of youngsters...)

    a. Double stroller + baby carrier
    b. Double stroller + boogie board attachment
    c. Double stroller + big sis walks and holds onto stroller
    d. Double stroller + cool bike-like attachment that hooks onto the back of the double
    e. Double stroller + big sis on tricycle

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    I didn't even think of this...
    I have two three year olds that just walk and then my 1 year old is in a stroller....
    Thanks for posting this as I'm gonna need to figure something out for my 1 year old once I have the twins. (Though she will be almost 2 when they arrive)

    What @tararyaz said is what I would have suggested for your situation.
    Since Zelda will be 3 by the time the new baby gets here, walking should be fine..especially if you wait till the baby is too much in the sling.
    My son occasionally wants to be in a stroller but my daughter is very active and loves having the freedom to walk around.
    So your daughter's personality effects what would be the best choice for you.
    The idea of the attachment on the back of the stroller also seems like it could work for you.

    Hope you figure something out! Good luck!
    And congrats!
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    My first three are less than 4 years apart. I did a lot of carrying the baby in the infant carrier and using the double stroller. I also had my oldest hold onto my pocket as I pushed the younger two in a stroller. I remember my husband was fond of putting the oldest (the 3 year old) in the basket section of the double stroller -- I never did that but you know daddies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jenevievem View Post
    I saw a mom at a coffee shop with a double stroller and then wearing her newborn in a sling.
    This was how I managed to go out with three under age four. It was my toddler needed to be strapped into her stroller the most during this time. She was a flight risk. I used a sling for the baby when she was a newborn and I transitioned to an Ergo carrier when she was a bit older.

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