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    Question Is Magnolia really usable?

    Just a simple question....

    Do you think Magnolia is actually usable or is it one of those names that might sounds nice in theory but not actually on a real child?

    I would use the nn Maggie but I dont seem to like any of the other ways to get to Maggie (ie Maragret)

    Thanks for the input!
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    Yes, Magnolia is totally usable. Hazel and Azura are both gaining popularity in my area, so I think you're safe.
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    Oh, I used to have this debate with myself all the time. Ultimately I decided that for me, it's not usable. It's a bit over the top, I think. I did mention this name to a few people though and everyone said it was cute and not too weird.
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    I think it's usable. It's not too weird to me. I like it.

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    I think it's great, though I love the nn Nola. I've probably known too many poodles and shih tzus named Maggie.

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