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    Oh, how exciting. Here's just the boring Omma to both my grandparents. My parents called their grand-mothers omma, and yeah... Well, safe to say I don't live in a English-speaking country Grandfathers are called Abbi. I assume when I'm having children, my kids will call my parents Omma and Abbi, and do likewise do the same with the other grand-parents, unless he's not from my country.
    My future ladies:
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    My future gentlemen:
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    My mother has specifically requested to be called Grandma. My dad hasn't made a request but he'll probably be Grandpa. All my grandparents are Grandma/Grandpa LastName.
    OH's grandparents are Mamaw and Papaw and then his maternal grandmother is Granny. His parents will probably be Mamaw and Papaw since that's what they prefer.

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    Both my own mother and my MiL are referred to as Nana. Amelie just calls them Nana firstname and Nana firstname so its obvious who she is referring to. No need for two separate names, imo.

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    My future MiL is Mimi to all her grandkids. Not sure where that came from but I'm thinking usually whatever the first grandkid calls her is what grandma is stuck with . I just called both of mine grandma myself.

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    My kids have:
    Grammy & PopPop; Grandma & Papa; Nana & Clock; Grandma & Grandpa Lastname; Grandma firstname; Grandma firstname
    Even with the Grandma/Grammy closeness and all the other Grandmas there isn't much confusion, just add their name.

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