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    Naming Grandmother

    So I never thought about this until now. My gradmother was called Nanny or Nan. My mom wants to be called Nana, I thought that was fine until she started slipping recently saying Nanny. My brother & us had the convo awhile ago saying that if my Nan was nanny she had to be grandma or something different (I didnt notice as much until now because I didnt associate nana with nanny).

    Is there a tradition in naming grandmothers?
    Can they have the same name?
    What others are used besides granny or grandma?

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    My grandparents are all Chinese (my mum's parents don't speak much English), and in the Chinese language there is actually a unique title for each grandparent. If you speak another language you can use the word for grandma in that language. I think it's fine for them to have the same name. When texting or talking online in English, since there isn't a direct translation we say Grandpa/Grandma *Lee* and Grandpa/Grandma *Wong* (not their real last names). It'd work out loud too if their surnames (or first names, if you like) aren't really long. Oh and my friend calls her grandma Mimi which I think is cute.
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    In my family, my grandmother was called Oma. It was expected by everyone that when my mom became a grandmother she would be an Oma as well - but she decided she wanted to be Meema. So she is. My grandmother is still alive and so for our daughters she will be Oma. Corey's Grandma wants to be Nana, and his mom has been dubbed BamBam by our nephew - so she will be BamBam evermore. All the grandpas are either Grandpa or Pappa cause they don't care what their grandkids call them.
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    I call my grandmothers Grandmama and Nan. I was the oldest grandchild on both sides, so I got to "name" all four of my grandparents. All of my first cousins use the same names I do. It's not uncommon for grandparent names to vary amongst first cousins though. My mom and her sisters didn't call their grandmothers the same names that their first cousins used.

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    I think grandmothers can share the same name if it won't get too confusing.

    As for other names, there's no limit. A little girl at the daycare I used to work at called her grandma Lala which I thought was adorable. I wanted mom to be called Alisi because it's Cherokee for grandmother, but she's insisting on Nana and Papa (paw-paw). I call my own grandparents Mimi and Papa (pah-puh). And Cody called his Grandma and Papa (pa-paw (pa like cat)).

    As for other grandma's I've know -- I call a friends grandma Mamaw (ma like in ma'am). My best friends grandparents are Oma and Opa because they're German.

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