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    Middle name for Gemma?

    Hi there...I need objective opinions! We're naming our third daughter Gemma, but struggling with middle names. I'm leaning toward Gemma Yvonne (which is a 3rd generation family name), but it seems like a mouthful. Any other suggestions?

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    Gemma Claire Yvonne
    Gemma Adrianna
    Gemma Alexandra
    Gemma Roseanna
    Gemma Fleur Yvonne
    Gemma Ariella
    Gemma Sage Yvonne
    Gemma Cade Yvonne
    Gemma Samantha
    Gemma Natalia
    Gemma Elizabeth

    I don't think Gemma Yvonne is too much of a mouthful... on the contrary, it's quite lovely. But maybe it's the 2+2 syllable pattern that's the problem? It sounds a bit choppy. In the list above, I tried pairing Gemma with a longer mn, or I added a one syllable mn with Yvonne. Maybe it flows better. How many syllables is your last name? I kind of assumed it wasn't very long...

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    I went with Gemma Hermione for my third daughter. But I think Gemma Lucia or Gemma Sophia would work beautifully.
    Not so done having children after all. We're not ready for TTC quite yet but when we do get pregnant,the husband handed sole naming rights over to his name obsessed wife!

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    Hi! This is my first time writing on the forum and I was pleasantly surprised to see your post! Gemma is our top baby girl name too (if we have a girl, we currently don't know the sex of our baby)! I too am having a little difficulty with MNs and would like to use a family name. Looking at your post I think that Gemma Yvonne is lovely and if it's a family name go for it! Other suggestions (depending on your last name syllables) I thought of include:

    Gemma Evangeline

    Other fellow berry suggestions I thought were lovely are:
    Gemma Claire
    Gemma Eleanor
    Gemma Sage
    Gemma Sophia

    Good luck!!

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