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Thread: Fia?

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    I've posted before about my desire to name a daughter Filomena, after my grandmother, with whom I'm extremely close. I've also posted before about finding a nickname for Filomena - my grandmother's family always called her (the completely unrelated) Dolly, but I'd like to find something closer to the actual name. Recently I heard the name Fia and wondered whether it would be a potential. Berries, you gave some great feedback on Filomena and even possible nns for her, but the more I think about it, the more I wonder...

    Is Fia actually useable? Is it too out there? I keep trying to imagine it in everyday usage, like "Who wants to hold Fia?" or "Fia has a soccer game after school." I find myself really falling in love with it, but it's not my normal style so it's really pushing me out of my comfort zone. What do you guys think? Am I being super paranoid? (The answer to this is probably, since this baby is 100% still hypothetical!)
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    I love Fia! I absolutely think it's usable. Mia and Leah are both hugely popular. Why not Fia? As far as uncommon names go, Fia seems very accessible and easy to wear to me.

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    I think Fia is absolutely usable. First thing I thought was that if Mia is usable, Fia may be usable as well because they are so similar.

    In order to honor a Filomena I would go with Fiona (with a possible nn of Fia), but Fia on it's own is lovely.

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    I adore Fia. I also love Fira. Best of luck!

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    I adore Fia! It sounds so light and fairylike. One of my childhood friends was a standalone Fia.
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