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    Whoa, a lot of people have come up with some great names! I'm Catholic and I've always like St. Agatha, St. Dorothea (my confirmation name), St. Christina (my sister's confirmation name), and St. Dymphna. I also have a soft spot for St. Stephen Protomartyr ("first martyr"; the name of my first childhood parish) and St. Roch (a version of Rocco, pronounced "Rock"; the parish where my mother grew up---it lives on in legend in our house and Roch is my uncle's middle name).

    I love the sound of St. Bonaventure's name. Bonaventure. Bonaventure. Sts. Cyril and Methodius also had fantastic names.
    @hermione_vader - The principal at my Catholic girls high school was called Sister Bonaventure. I always thought it was kind of cool!
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    @Mischa: That's awesome! Nuns have the coolest names. I went through a nun cemetery recently and found a bunch of awesome names like that (including a Sr. Alexandrine, which I know some Berries like).

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