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    3 "A" name questions

    1. In an earlier post I asked about using Penn as a nn for Penelope or Spencer. On another site somebody suggested using Aspen for a girl with nn Penn. DH was actually favorable.

    2. I've always likes the name Alejandra (DH is Mexican). But lately I'm beginning to like name Alessandra. How do you pronounce it? I tend to pronounce it similar to Alejandra with the "Ollie" sound in beginning versus "Ally"

    3. Thoughts on a boy being named Alessandro with the nn Sander.

    Brothers would be Tanner and August.

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    I commented on your other post I believe!

    I love the nn Penn for Penelope and also Aspen!

    I pronounce Alessandra like this: "Ale-ess-ohn-dra", but I'm fully aware I'm probably butchering the correct pronunciation. Very pretty name though.

    I like Alessandro nn Sander, but I don't know how well it fits with Tanner and August. If that isn't a huge concern for you, then go for it!

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    I like Alessandra better as a general statement, but I think Alejandra fits best with Tanner and August.
    Alessandro sounds a bit feminine to me; the "Aless" sounds a bit like "Alice." Sander sounds awfully close to Tanner.
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    1. I'm not a fan of the name Aspen (the first syllable has its own associations) and I see Penn as more of a boy name. But putting my opinions on the names themselves out of the way, I think using Penn as a nickname for Aspen works out great.

    2. I would pronounce Alessandra the exact same way as Alexandra, only with a "ss" instead of "x". I'm not sure if that's correct, but that's what my sight-reading would be.

    3. I like Sander. Not so much a fan of Alessandro. Next to Tanner and August, it seems sort of misplaced.
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    If your unsure how to pronounce Alejandra use Alexandra. When being translated people who speak Spanish will say Alejandra. Alexandra is one if my favorites and it does have many translations in other countries.
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