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    I love the suggestion of Tallulah! I have always wanted a Juliet with the nickname Lulu.

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    Thoughts in this thread? I'll return the favor.

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    Thank you all, the response has been overwhelming so far. Keep it coming to the rest of creative berries out there.

    @hixtwin4 Talullah is a great way to get Lulu

    @nono I love Luna and I absolutely adore Luminosa. I agree with the -osa names as Lilosa is my fave. I will definately be doing a poll to see if Luminosa is usable or too harry Potter sounding.

    @bibliophile, you always have great comments and I love alot of those suggestions. Too many great suggestion to make an honorable mention

    @jeanne6629 I love Eloise as well but it is not on my short list, It is an amazing name and I agree with you about Lilou.

    @hailyelaurent Juliet nn Lulu is kind of cute I also like Juliet

    @ikfly Great suggestions there, I like Lucasta and Lucrezia

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    Glad you like my suggestion. I so wish I hadn't used Tallulah for my cat because I would use it for a 2nd child.

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    Tallulah is my favorite way to get to Lulu, but there's always Eulalia/Eulalie too. And Lucia, or maybe Luanna?
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