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Thread: Sister for Jace

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    Sister for Jace

    So...we have a son named Jace and another on the way. We're pretty sure we'd name a boy Ian. However, I'm stuck in the girl names department. My favorites (Maeve and Haven) got exnayed by dh for being too masculine sounding. He loves Kira; however, I just don't like it all that much. We both tend to like short names.

    Others that have been eliminated by either myself or dh: Thea, Claire (any version), Rose, Jane, Jade, Nova, Irene, Betsy, Keely, Alice, Ivy, Sela, Leta, Kate, Nora

    I've run out of ideas.

    Any suggestions?

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    The first that come to mind for me (but I might have bad taste) is...

    Jace and Ida
    Jace and Sarah
    Jace and Kora
    Jace and Lila
    Jace and Lyra
    Jace and Laura
    Jace and Adira

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    I love the name Jace, and Ian is another one I love. Short girl name ideas based on your taste:
    I love Haven as well!
    Belle or Bella

    Bryn or Bree

    Ruth or Heidi

    Iris or Gemma

    Eve or Eva

    Nina or Gia

    Lucy or Beth

    Inga or Dawn

    Paige or Ora

    Halle or Robin

    Lark or Zara

    Ellie or Ellis

    Elsie or Ember

    Ruby or Pearl

    Avril or Brinna

    Simone or Naomi Or Nadia~ Good luck!!

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