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    I know someone who has just had a Lucette nn Lulu. Gorgeous!

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    @hixtwin4 My SIL gave the "other" name she had for her daughter to the dog, so she may be in the same situation. I know what you mean but I'd still use it and try to change the dogs name, I adopted a dog from people who couldn't afford to keep him and I changed his name, actually I did this with 2 diff dogs.

    @chrisco Eulalie is really interesting, that is another name that hits the right spots in terms of quirkiness and cutesy, but I just don't have a strong opinion on it. I already have a Luanne in my family and Lucia is on my maybe list.

    @Jeska Lucette nn Lulu is lovely

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    I grew up with an Olivia nicknamed Lulu
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    I agonized over this until I found out I was having a boy. My great grandmother's given name was Lulu but she went by Dot (long story) So I was looking for something to shorten bc Lulu is a bit flighty if she turns out to be a fairly serious person. So we settled on Eloise, but I never LOVED it. Now seeing Juliet as a suggestion --that's TOTALLY what I would choose. It may not be intuitive, but it does make a certain kind of sense when you say both names.
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    @s_lr Olivia nicknamed Lulu is quirky and cute. Thanks for the suggestion.

    @jenna5128 Glad to hear there is another Lulu lover out there. I agree Juliet nn Lulu may not be intuitive but I certainly understand the connection between the two. I considered Eloise but it didn't make my final list.

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