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    What will your kids look like?

    I know there was another thread about this, but I have recently been inspired by some other lovely berries on here to find images that represent my ideas of what my kids might turn out like. If you already have children or grandchildren, feel free to post what they'll look like as older children or as adults

    Right now I want three kids. Here are the results of my daydreaming...

    Baby-of-252268-552829858135-309128781-n.jpg image from Morphthing of a daughter based on our faces,1600,1,0,0 Will I dress her up as a fairy? Almost certainly!

    Baby-of-littlejeff.jpg image from Morphthing of a son based on our faces Will I also put wings on my baby boy? Um, duh!

    Baby-of-252268-552829858135-309128781-n.jpgimage from Morphthing of a daughter based on our faces (used different pictures) Braids and Cloaks? Seems about right.
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    Morphthing gave me a picture of child who looked absolutely nothing like either of us.

    A bit off topic... But in the same vein, I saw a little girl playing recently who looked like an older version of my daughter. She really had the same features and facial structure, but chubbier. When I noticed her parents, they looked a lot like my SO and I, but gender reversed.

    I'm trying to think of a celebrity that my daughter my resemble as an adult. She'll be tall and thin, with dark straight or possibly wavy hair, very dark eyes, and light Latino skin (I think she'll be notably not-Caucasian, but not much darker than that).
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    I don't have any decent pics of my SO or I that would give a decent result, I'll have to get some! He is Maori (though not completely, his paternal grandfather is Welsh) and I'm Australian with quite olive skin thanks to my northern Italian heritage. Judging by his nieces and nephews my children will be definitely noticeably not Caucasian, with soft Maori features and tan skin with light to dark brown hair and big brown eyes. I picture my daughter with long wavy dark hair

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    Too fun! Here's our boy:

    And here's our girl:


    Their hair is a little goofy but I have bangs in all my pictures so it'll have to do

    Annnd another girl with different pictures:


    Boy with different pics:


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    My children will most likely very fair skinned but will hopefully tan easily like their father. Since both of us have blue eyes its just a matter of how light/dark they are. Both of us have a red headed parent so red hair is a possibility but I think blonde is more likely. My hair is very very curly and unfortunately our children with probably have that as well.

    So a curly headed blonde/red head with dimples and bright blue eyes. I think OH's features word be stronger than mine so they'll probably look like their daddy.

    EDIT: I'll try out morphthing tomorrow after classes.

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