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    Baby Name Poll

    My mom is usually really annoying about baby names with me! She's always pressuring me into trying to tell her what names we are thinking about naming the baby. Plus, she always give me about 20 fresh new names EVERYTIME I see her. They are usually terrible, but she actually gave some good boys names today! My husband, and I have a huge hunch it's going to be a boy! So we want to narrow the boy names down first! We do have girl names picked out just in case though..

    Margaret Pearl (Maggie), Eva Louise, Gemma Amelia, Estella Charlotte (Stella), Pearl Savanna (Pearlie), Sutton Grace, and Leighton Pearl

    Anyway, if you could comment what name you liked, why you liked the name, suggestions, or any comments that would be extremly helpful! Thanks so much for your time!

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