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    Help Incorporating Family Names

    My husband and I plan to start a family next year. I feel strongly that we should honor our family members in our children's names. My husband is Jewish and his family does not agree with naming a child after a living relative, so he does not have as many names from which to choose. My family has Italian and French ancestry.

    Can you please help me to pick out a few combination based on the names shared here and our naming preferences so far? New name recommendations are appreciated! Thanks so much.

    Gre**n (the color)

    His family:
    Louis, Beatrice, Nathan, Sylvia, Max

    My family:
    Joan Marie, Sam William (Savino), Laura Ann, Samantha Leigh, Ann (Antonia), Bill (Vito), Tina (Augustina), Thomas, Mary Jane (Marie Jeanne), Benedict, Mary Ann, Theresa, May, Margaret, Rose, Catherine

    Names we both agree on:
    Nathaniel, Wesley, Juliette

    Names I like very much but he is on the fence:
    Susannah, Tessa, Lena

    Names he likes very much but I am on the fence (because of popularity):
    Charlotte, Lucas

    Names I like that he has already vetoed:
    Sylvia or Sylvie, Lydia (Lydie), Margaret (Maisie), Maxwell (Max), Theodore (Theo), Tobias, Felix, Leo

    Other names I like very much but am nervous to even bring up with him:
    Rosalind, Rosalie, Eloise, Johanna, Felicity, Amabel, Eden, Abram, Sullivan

    My favorite combinations:
    Susannah Maielle, Tessa Rosalind, Juliette Eden (or Willa), Rosalind Jayne, Nathaniel Bennett, Wesley Maxwell (or August)
    Ladies: Susannah, Juliette, Gwyneth, Bridget, Bethany, Charlotte, Tessa, Rosalind, Halle, Sylvie, Celine, Lena, Mabel, Sybil, Celeste, Mirabel
    Gents: Nathaniel, Bennett, August, Asher, Theodore, Sullivan, Tobias, Maxwell, Wesley, Ansel, Everett, Holden, Lucian, Luca, Abram, Lachlan

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    Adam Amedeo Avi Connor Dmitri Enjolras Leo Milo Ronan
    Artemis Cicely Elisabeth Evangeline Mirabelle Ophelia Rosalie Titania

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