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    Ideas for baby number 3...

    I have recently found out I'm expecting baby number 3... my son is called Caden my daughter Lilac. What names would you suggest go with my sibset? My partner is south American and would quite like a Latin name although it doesn't have to be... Open to suggestions

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    Early congratulations! Do you know if baby number 3 is a boy or a girl? It might be difficult to find a Latin name that fits well with Caden and Lilac.

    There are so many GORGEOUS Latin names, though! Many of these have "Americanized" nickname possibilities, if you want to go that direction. However, they are so beautiful, I don't think I could use a nickname. Good luck, mama! Here are my favorites:

    1. Pilar (Lotta, Lottie)
    2. Liliana (Lily, Lilia, Ana, Anna)
    3. Magdelena (Maggie, Maddie, Maisie, Mae)
    4. Noemi (Amy)

    1. Andres (Andy, Anders: How could this child NOT be dashing and handsome?)
    2. Cesar
    3. Benicio (Ben, Benny)
    4. Alejandro (Alex)

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    Personal Favorites: Mira Cairdeas and Darrow Paine

    Best Wishes To All

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    I just realized I misspelled Magdalena in my earlier post. So sorry! And good luck, mama! It sounds like you have a beautiful sibset started.

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