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    naming after family...

    So. I always knew I wanted my kids to be named in a way that honors family. My daughter's first name is a play on my mom's, and her middle is after one of my husband's grandmothers.

    Because I got the first name, I told him our second could be the other way around - his family first, then mine. Problem is, his family he wants to honor has AWFUL names. Lucky for me, in his culture you only need to use the first letter, but they're still letters I dislike and I find myself compromising on names I really am only "okay"with to honor them. (Which... Kills name nerds.)

    What do I do?? They have no middle names. And no real meanings we can duplicate elsewhere. How else do we name after them but open up to more options??

    PS... I was SO hoping one of their middle names would be Joseph because I LOVE Josephine... No such luck!

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    Hmm. Could you tell us some letters and maybe we can help find a name that you haven't thought of?
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    Well, the two names in question he wanted to name off of are Walter and Norman. I am not a fan. The berries on here have listed some amazing names that start with W and N for me, but the girl ones just don't quite strike the right note.

    For boys I really like William (W for Walter, plus my grandmother Vivian was nicknamed "Bill" because she was a tomboy!!) and Wesley (W for Walter and a "direction" name that means "West," like how Norman means "North").

    For girls I am leaning towards Willa or Neve, and they're both beautiful names, but I just don't love them the way I love Josephine or Marietta or Seraphina. And I definitely don't love them the way I love William and Wesley.

    Maybe I just better cross my fingers for a boy?

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    William and Wesley seem like two really good options for your family.

    As for the ladies, there are some names in your style that use Ws and Ns.

    W: Wilhelmina, Wisteria
    N: Natalia, Naomi, Nanette, Nadine
    Adam Amedeo Avi Connor Dmitri Enjolras Leo Milo Ronan
    Artemis Cicely Elisabeth Evangeline Mirabelle Ophelia Rosalie Titania

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    I love the name Neve I say it like "Neev"
    I also love Willow and Nora. Could you just use a W or N name as the first but call your daughter a nickname based off her middle? My step mum was the one who named her son and she still calls him a variation of his middle name

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