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    I usually like nicknames best when they sound like a natural shortening of the name, or if you say the name in fast repetition, what you may start to say instead. Elfie doesn't sound like a natural (organic) nickname of Felicity to me. A nickname I've always liked for Felicity is Filly, like a young female horse. Then again I am a horseback rider, so of course I'd love it! Also like Lissie as mentioned earlier

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    Quote Originally Posted by janna View Post
    Awesome name Elfie is always Elphaba, the heroine of Wicked, for me. I love the sound and look of it! Flick is also very cool
    I agree, Elfie makes me think of Wicked, both the book and the musical (and since in the book it's spelled Elphie the Elfie spelling just looks wrong to me). I like Flick best of all the nicknames.

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    I like Lissie and Flicka as nn's for Felicity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by casilda View Post
    Lissy and Flick are the only two nicknames for Felicity that I like.
    Aww, those are super cute! I have always liked Lissie as a NN for Felicity, but I love Flick. I also think Elfie is pretty cute.
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    I like pretty much all of Felicity's nicknames. I think the nice thing about having multiple nickname options is that you can wait and see what suits her more as she grows into her personality and everything, so it doesn't seem like you need to pick one of them right now. She might be 100% Elfie or you might fall in love with her as a Cece or Lissie or Flicka, who knows! For what it's worth, I think Elfie is darling and while I wouldn't expect Elfie as the nn for Felicity I think it makes plenty of sense! Effie would be sweet, too.

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