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    Middle name to honor my mother - Janet

    We've decided on a first name of Vera to honor my MIL, Veerle. We love Vera - we think it's sweet, simple and sophisticated. I love that I don't know anyone named Vera but it's not too out there.

    For a middle name we want to honor my mother, her name is Janet Jean. We've considered several variations: (Jane isn't an option).


    Which do you like best? Can you think of any other options?

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    My suggestion would be January, if you are open to something a little more modern. I think Vera January is very sweet!
    I like Vera Jean or Vera Janelle the best from your list.

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    Vera Jeanette is lovely. Congratulations!
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    Jeanne is the French fem. form, and it goes well w/many names (hyphenated). Jeanne-Marie, Jeanne-Louise, Jeanne-Nicole, Jeanne-Sabine.

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    I like Vera Janelle. Janine/Jeanine or Janae could also be options.

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