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Thread: Initial Naming

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    Initial Naming

    LN: T

    DH: B.P
    DW: M.E

    DS1: P.E
    -DW: S.I
    --DD: M.S

    DS2: R.J

    DD1: T.M (LN: S)
    -DH: P.A
    --DD: E.C
    --DD: C.L

    DD2: K.L
    --DD: J-L (Hyphened)
    --DS: C.K
    --DS: J.T
    --DS: C.E
    Kyla Marie, Harry Edward

    Destinee Sierra, Alana Rose, Arabella Grace, Emillie Melissa, Tallulah Monroe
    Logan Mckay, Alfie Carter, Jaxon Oliver, Caspar James, Toby Alexander

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    LN: Taryn

    DH: Brian Patrick
    DW: Mary.Elizabeth

    Brian, Mary, Paul, Robby, Tess, and Katherine

    DS1: Paul.Eric
    -DW: Sophie.Isabel
    --DD: Madeleine.Sasha

    Paul, Sophie, and Maddie

    DS2: Robert.John


    DD1: Teresa .Marie (LN: Sorenson)
    -DH: Peter.Aaron
    --DD: Eleanor.Claire
    --DD: Caroline.Leah

    Tess, Peter, Ellie, and Caroline

    DD2: Katherine.Leila
    --DD: Jennifer-Lily (Hyphened)
    --DS: Cameron.Kyle
    --DS: James.Thomas
    --DS: Carl.Emmett

    Katherine, Lil, Cam, James, and Carl

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    LN: Tarling

    DH: Barry Patrick
    DW: Marilyn Elaine

    DS1: Patrick Everett
    -DW: Sasha Irene
    --DD: Madalyn Savannah

    DS2: Ross Jacob

    DD1: Tess Marie (LN: Sterling)
    -DH: Parker Aaron
    --DD: Eve Cadence
    --DD: Cyla Loren

    DD2: Kamie Lea
    --DD: Jordan-Lea (Hyphened)
    --DS: Christian Karter
    --DS: Justin Tyler
    --DS: Caleb Everett
    Name Addict

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    bailibsmum Guest
    LN: Taylor

    DH: Bennan Perry Taylor
    DW: Mirabel Elspeth Taylor

    DS1: Pierre Eben Taylor
    -DW: Sadie Isabelle Taylor
    --DD: Mila Sydney Taylor

    DS2: Rowan Jago

    DD1: Tamra Maci Sparks
    -DH: Pieter Alan Sparks
    --DD: Elena Cailey
    --DD: Carla Lianne

    DD2: Kiara Laurie Taylor
    --DD: Jenna-Leigh Taylor
    --DS: Caden Konrad taylor
    --DS: Jaxon Terrell Taylor
    --DS: Casey Elijah Taylor

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