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    Verity (nn Vera or Ettie) - The meaning is nice but I'm not a fan of virtue names, it feels like the kids have to live up to meaning later on. It also reminds me of Variety.
    Emilia (nn Millie) - love this, Millie is sweet, Emilia is gorgeous.
    Amelie (nn Millie) - same as above
    Georgina (nn Georgie or Gina) - not a fan of the name
    Alexandra (possibly no nickname) - very masculine sounding
    Geneva (nn Gina, Ginny, or Eva) - never heard of this name before, sounds really old
    Anya (no nickname) - where I live you only find 30 to 40 year olds with that name, so I can't picture it on a little girl.

    I only really like Emilia and Amelie but I wouldn't categorize the rest as weird or unusable. Geneva is a bit out there for me though

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    Verity (nn Vera or Ettie) - It's cute, my name, Faith, is a virtue name too and I don't feel a pressure to live up to my name or anything.
    Emilia (nn Millie) - This is cute, but people might misspell it as Amelia
    Amelie (nn Millie) - I've known someone with this name. She pronounced it as Emily, so it didn't seem that unique
    Georgina (nn Georgie or Gina) - Cute, but it does have the name George in it, so she might get bullied for that if there's a kid named George in her class.
    Alexandra (possibly no nickname) - I have a cousin with this name and she doesn't go by any nicknames either. It's a beautiful name by itself.
    Geneva (nn Gina, Ginny, or Eva) - I like this, especially the nickname Ginny.
    Anya (no nickname) - Cute!

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    So here are my candidates, many have been favorites for a long time;

    Verity (nn Vera or Ettie)
    Emilia (nn Millie)
    Amelie (nn Millie)
    Georgina (nn Georgie or Gina)
    Alexandra (possibly no nickname)
    Geneva (nn Gina, Ginny, or Eva)
    Anya (no nickname)

    Of these names I think Anya is such a beautiful name.
    Georgina is nice also. I would just be afraid that people might want to call her georgie or george as a nickname.
    Alexandra was way popular about what 8 or 10 years ago?? Alex will probably be a nickname.
    Geneva is so pretty and I don't think it is very common.

    I think these are your best bets. I am sure you will find a beautiful name for your bundle of joy. Keep us posted please!!

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    The only one I feel lacks respectability is Georgina. My feeling could be unfair and based on having known a horrible girl with that name once, but I think it has more to do with a sense that it's a an effort to contort the name George into something unnatural and girly.

    The others, while not all my style, strike me as sufficiently respectable.
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    I will just give my verdict on each one but all of them are good solid names that will age well.
    Verity (nn Vera or Ettie)-NMS but it would be lovely to meet a little Verity. I LOVE the nicknames.
    Emilia (nn Millie)- Nice but common where I am.
    Amelie (nn Millie)-See above
    Georgina (nn Georgie or Gina)-Golly this is nice. I haven't met many young Georgina's and it could suit a lot of personality types.
    Alexandra (possibly no nickname)-Bit boring for me but wearable and pretty.
    Geneva (nn Gina, Ginny, or Eva)-Regardless of whether you have links to this city, it is beautiful but well grounded, wearable and will age well.
    Anya (no nickname)-I like this name a lot. It is more interesting than Ann/Anna but not made up or trendified.

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