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    Are these respectable enough names? I want brutal opinions!

    Hi all, I keep telling myself I need to stop posting on these baby boards, but I'm just obsessed with baby names! I'm not expecting, nor are me and my partner trying, but I constantly find myself thinking about future children's names!

    Anyway, I've been hearing some awful baby names lately from friends who are having children, and it got me wondering if the names I like are good enough... you know? I find myself judging other peoples baby names lately... and I want mine to be perfect I guess. Not too pretentious, common, popular or dull... and not too over the top, or 'no one would hire someone with a name spelled Taeytn' (no joke thats an actual newborns name near me) ...and at the same time they have to be pronounceable, real names, not outdated... and not names they'll get bullied for...and also something with nickname potentials... Seems like a lot to ask for?

    So here are my candidates, many have been favorites for a long time;

    Verity (nn Vera or Ettie)
    Emilia (nn Millie)
    Amelie (nn Millie)
    Georgina (nn Georgie or Gina)
    Alexandra (possibly no nickname)
    Geneva (nn Gina, Ginny, or Eva)
    Anya (no nickname)

    I would love some other suggestions too

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