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Thread: Build a Sibset

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    ((I think I wanna throw up just looking at some of those spellings, lol))

    DH: Menelaus Jehoshaphat Williams
    DW: Innocencia Helga Williams
    DD: Persephone Echo Williams
    DS/DS: Castor Hegai and Pollux Adolph
    DD: Asphodel Cassiopeia
    DS: Hezekiah Judas
    DS: Agamemnon Amminadab
    DD/DD: Tamar Olga and Tiera (Tear-a, my name) Gertrude

    Snow family, nature, 5 children

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    DW: Rosette Faye Snow
    DH: Forrest Creech Snow

    DD: Winter Lei Snow
    DD: Flora Lilac Snow
    DS: Bear Ash Snow
    DS: Woody Glenn Snow
    DD: Galaxy Meadow Snow

    Viola family, 8 girls, all names must be more than six letters and in the top 500 of 1900
    rita margaret || hazel presley || stella jude || lane michelle || coralie mary || november marie

    john charles || ezra joseph || sawyer patrick || ryder frederick || peyton wyatt

    names i like: veda, gunnar, elizabeth, vance, september, tate, arabella

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    LN: Viola

    DW: Vera Ellen Viola
    DH: Cleveland Van Viola
    DD: Mary Mae Viola
    DD: Ada Harriet Viola
    DD: Zella Lue Viola
    DD/DD: Jane Florine Viola / Lula Maude Viola
    DD: Daisy Olive Viola
    DD: Effie Marguerite Viola
    DD: Cleo Fay Octavia Viola

    Landers family, 7 children (1 set of triplets + 2 sets of twins, all girls), sets of multiples each have matchy first names, all have 1 syllable middles
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    Hollis Charles | Azure Finnegan | Floyd Peregrin Michael
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    LN: Landers
    DH: Zacharia James
    DW: Persephone Bay

    DD: Kylie Rose
    DD: Jamie Maeve
    DD: Bailey Pearl

    DD: Lindsay Jade
    DD: Lorena Paige

    DD: Britney Lee
    DD: Whitney Anne

    Last name Sanders. 6kids. All must have different initials and sound completely different and be individual without being too out there.

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    DH: Sylvan James Sanders.
    DW: Rosalie Vivian Sanders.

    DD: Clementine Rose Sanders.
    DD: Valentina Catherine Sanders.
    DS: Liam Sebastian Sanders.
    DS: Izaak Hayden Sanders.
    DD: Etta Charlotte Sanders.
    DS: Teagan Levant Sanders.

    Last name Vito. 4 kids. First names colors, middle names mythological.

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