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Thread: Build a Sibset

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    Build a Sibset

    I'm not sure if I'm doing this right, but here's how it goes: Person One gives a style, a surname, and a number of children, number two answers and supplies the criteria for number three, and so on!

    Smithson family; extremely conservative; five

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    I'll try it!!!

    DH: Mark Edward Smithson
    DW: Joy Louise Smithson

    DS: James Mark Smithson (Jimmy)
    DS: Edward Michael Smithson (Eddie)
    DD: Victoria Joy Smithson (Vicki)
    DD: Louise Elizabeth Smithson (Weezie)
    DD: Charlotte Anne Smithson (Lottie)

    Waters family; Hippie; 3 children

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    DH: Phoenix Foster Waters
    DW: Eagle Aurora Waters

    DD: Raven Octavia Waters
    DS: Panther Larkin Waters
    DD: Wren Elspeth Waters

    Arfis family, seven children, rednecks.
    Adam Amedeo Avi Connor Dmitri Enjolras Leo Milo Ronan
    Artemis Cicely Elisabeth Evangeline Mirabelle Ophelia Rosalie Titania

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    DH- Charlton Buck Arfis
    DW- Betty-Lou'elle Arfis

    DS- Winchester Floyd
    DD- Roxxy-Lynn
    DD- Amberly Beth
    DS- Cooper Dwayne
    DS- Roscoe Garth
    DD- Savannah Peach
    DS- Robbie-Lee

    Rhodes family- 5 children Extremely Yooneek..

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    DH: Trystyn Mykael Rhodes
    DW: Taihlor Elin Rhodes

    DD: Alyveah Joone Rhodes
    DD: Izzobellah Graece Rhodes
    DS: Ahlyjah Henrie Rhodes
    DD: Sofeah Klayre Rhodes
    DD: Maddalyne Paje Rhodes

    Williams family- 8 children- VERY unpopular
    Favorite Girls: Delilah, Emerson, Esme, Fiona, Greer, Hadley, Harper, Indie, Isla, Maisie, Mila, Navy, Penelope, Piper, Poppy, Quinn, Sloane, Sutton, Tallulah, Wren

    Favorite Boys: August, Bennett, Carter, Declan, Elliot, Everett, Ezra, Ford, Grayson, Harrison, Henry, Jasper, Jude, Malcolm, Maxwell, Miles, Oliver, Owen, Sebastian, Theodore

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