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    Question thoughts on my signature names

    Married my bestfriend 5/11
    Angel Baby Riley Bean 8/13
    Mama to Murron Lydia Genevieve 10/20

    Solomon Jace
    Friedan Henri
    Sullivan Wilde
    Francis Hart
    Phelan Wallace
    Caedmon Wolfe
    Emerich Frost
    Willem Rupert Charles
    Nashua Hartley

    Agatha Helena Pearl
    Cordelia Henrietta Lucille
    Hadassah Francine
    Livia Pearl
    Enid Sylvia Inez/ Gertrude
    Florence Adele
    Agnes Linnea Frances
    Avia Liora Ruth
    Imogen Allegra Edith
    Junia Edith
    Cleora Josephine Helen

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    Violet Gray
    No longer a teenager, still sad and name-obsessed

    Jude, Theo, Luca, Oliver l Eliza, Rose, Kate, Dahlia

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    bailibsmum Guest
    Ezra Mekai- Like ezra not heard of mekai is it a version of michael?
    Solomon Wolfe- solomon is nice wolfe is more of a middle as you have it.
    Otto Levi - love LEVI, not 100&% on otto..
    Arlo Court- Arlo's nice.. unsure on court.
    Emerson Zechariah - both names are nice. EZ initials when said are easy.
    Orion Joseph- Orion is my fave an the other a classic boys name but initials are OJ.. would make me think of oj.simpson..
    Finn Harrison- Love this combo..
    Remington Francis- Not keen.. But you could have remy as a nn. 2nd name is nice.
    Landon Rowe- Hmm.. Not my thing.
    Sutton Gage- Love gage not sure on sutton.. but the combo work
    Macon Joseph- is this the same as Mason or is it said MaKen.? I prefer the Macen spelling if it is the 2nd way
    Quinn Oliver- not to sure on quinn oliver as a combo.. seems like they run in to each other a lil too much when said fast.

    Gloria Promise - Not keen
    Rosaleen Alivia - Different.
    Thessaly Henriette - Not keen
    Ivy Juliet not keen ivy is a nice name.
    Livia Pearl- liek this.
    Avianna Gladys - this is an ok name
    Ailsa Delphine- different but do-able.
    Henrietta Pearl - not my style but Etta is a nice nn
    Aveline Lilly- my fave out of the lot,
    Ophelia Lark - Hmm nice..
    Cleora Josephine Cj as a nn is cool.. not too sure though on cleora.
    Mena Isobelle - mena.. to me looks as thoguht you have mispelt mean and added an a on. sorry..
    Eira Grace - My 2nd fave combo x
    Miriam Alice - Hmm....

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    Northern Germany
    Ezra Mekai - I've only known female Ezras (I'm not from the US / UK) so I can't picture a little boy with that name. How do you pronounce Mekai?
    Solomon Wolfe -both names are a bit too out there for me, I would like Solomon better with a more "normal" middle name
    Otto Levi - not a huge fan of both names having 4 letters and 2 syllables but the names a re cool
    Arlo Court - nms but nice
    Emerson Zechariah - the spelling Zechariah looks weird to me (but not wrong), nms but okay
    Orion Joseph - nice
    Finn Harrison - I like the flow, I like Finn and the combo sounds cool
    Remington Francis - nms
    Landon Rowe - ok, nms
    Sutton Gage - you like boys names ending in, don't you same as above
    Macon Joseph - I would like a longer middle name better
    Quinn Oliver - I like Oliver, Quinn is more of a girls name to but the combo is really nice

    Gloria Promise - I don't like virtue names and Gloria still is a bit too old for me to like it
    Rosaleen Alivia - Rosaleen looks wrong, Alivia too. Sorry
    Thessaly Henriette - Henriette is cute, Thessaly looks made up
    Ivy Juliet - love this one, beautiful names and a fantastic combo
    Livia Pearl - same as above
    Avianna Gladys - nms
    Ailsa Delphine - nms
    Henrietta Pearl - same as Ivy Juliet
    Aveline Lilly - nms but Lilly is cute
    Ophelia Lark - Lark is very masculine to me and takes a bit of Ophelia's feminine beauty away (it doesn't compliment the fn)
    Cleora Josephine - Josephine is sweet, Cleora looks like someone forgot letters
    Mena Isobelle - ok
    Eira Grace - ok
    Miriam Alice - very nice (Miriam is nms though)

    Even though most are not my style, you have some really nice names in there!

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    My favorites are Otto Levi and Ivy Juliet.
    nicole. 27. usa. married. ttc.

    mom to gavin michael b. 2011

    current faves:
    vera | fiona | sienna | norah | louisa | stella | audrey | avery | sylvia | ingrid ||
    elliott | simon | nolan | miles | august | sebastian | wyatt | patrick | owen | jude

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